Mirage of Atheism – Pearls of Wisdom

Mirage of Atheism – Pearls of Wisdom

The Mirage of Atheism course by Alkauthar Institute South Africa was definitely an interesting look at the growing rate of Atheism, as well as brought to light pertinent points that should be discussed in terms of Dawah. A course like this is very indepth, and we’ve handpicked afew POWS – Pearls of Wisdom to share with you.

Mirage of Atheism Muslimahlifestyle pows

  • Some of us know more quraan than some of the sahaba, but it is what they did with it.
  • Dunya is supposed to break your heart and attach your heart to allah
  • So what if you are slandered? Allah, and the prophet SAWS are more slandered on the internet than you. Who are you?
  • When planning something, write it in pencil, for allah is the best of planners.
  • God could not create god, because god is an uncreated being.
  • Sometimes humiliation is the best thing. Calamities are blessings in disguise as they make you address your awareness. Consider your awareness of death, humiliation, calamity.
  • Dawah is not just intellectual gymnastics
  • If you forget Allah, you will forget yourself as it affects your self-identity.
  • The mark of an intelligent mind is that it questions
  • The quran is a universe on its own.
  • Just because something works, doesn’t mean its true.
  • Allah has the picture, we only have the pixel
  • Just because you can’t see the wisdom, it doesn’t mean its not there.
  • Difficulties could be alleviation of future sins as allah is the master of all of time.
  • Revelation, Sunnah and calamity – All these awaken the fitrah
  • Correlation between atheism and decrease of the visibility of the stars
  • You give a standing ovation to some idiot with a flute, but look around you, flowers , birds and an ant city underground.
  • Knowledge and ilm are not the same
  • You need reason to justify science
  • You obey a pilot yet you question allah
  • Never ever despair of the hope and mercy of allah.
  • Atheism is a lifestyle

There are 3 types of Atheism:
1. Positive Atheism
2.Agnostic Atheism
3.Faithless Faith Atheism

  • The atheist has veiled his fitrah
  • Quraan and sunnah are trigger points for the fitrah
  • Dont give dawah your judgement, speak to the person, don’t speak to your judgement.
  • People are overwhelmed by their sins. Sins and recalling your sings should not cause you to turn away
  • When in a debate, find a hole in the view
  • Under atheism, JUSTICE is an unachievable foal. A mirage in the desert of life.
  • Life has a point of suffering, even if it is only the pangs of death.
  • There is a logical consequences of the beliefs and opinions you adopt.
  • Atheists have a compartmentalized viewpoint. Don’t argue everything, instead plant a seed.
  • Muslims should not be on the backfoot regarding Atheism.
  • The idea of a creator is a self evident truth
  • The existence of a creator is not focussed on any culture.
  • Universals doesn’t mean consensus. Growing atheism does not mean lack of theists
  • Funny! The poet iqbal: Does god exist? Does man exist?
  • Prove that you exist
  • People worship different things. Everyone worships something
  • Some link fitrah to Allah addressing the progeny of Adam AS, and they (the progeny) answered.
  • Quran mentions self evident reality of Allah’s existence.
  • Certainty of islam is not binary
  • People are not intellectual robots. We have a rooh(soul)
  • You don’t get certainty of god by philosophical deductions.
  • Spiritual experiences awaken the fitrah
  • All sects agree on the existence of god -> Tawhid.
  • Human beings are made up of an infinite number of variables
  • Ibadah wakens the fitrah
  • The closest you are to god is in sujood as the face is the pone of the Ego. Placing the face on the ground is complete submission.
  • Don’t do ibadah just for the feeling. Don’t worship your feelings. Do ibadah to thanks allah for the feeling.
  • Ibadah should not be under estimated.
  • Testimony is fundamental to knowledge. Isnaad system is a testimony (Chain of narrations)
  • Making references to writers and scientists withoutM understanding, is simply standing on the shoulders of giants.
  • Society is like a social animal
  • Hajj de-individualizes you

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