Minder, the Muslim Tinder

Minder, the Muslim Tinder

Yes Really!  There is such a thing.

The ever increasing challenge to find a spouse you click with escalates – especially if you come from the no dating and no free mixing between the genders type of background. Whilst there are a lot of websites out there which are successful in pairing up many couplese, or really awful in terms of the type of individual it might attract. South Africa has limited digital avenue for the average Zainab and Average Yusuf to explore the realm of Halaal Love online. Solution? Enter MINDER , the muslim equivalent of Tinder.


Minder is available on Google play and App store

Is it free?
Minder is available for free use, and also offers a monthly premium subscription for R59.99. You opt for 3 days of free trial and are billed monthly thereafter. You may cancel your subscription whenever you  want.

Identity legitimacy
Everyone is afraid of fake profiles. Minder bypasses this by allowing you to link to your Facebook profile, upload your identity card if you wish, but its compulsory for you to take a selfie (which isn’t published) to indicate that your face actually matches your picture. Your profile is approved thereafter. Easy enough without too much hassle.

How does minder work?

After setting your preferences or religious flavour as the app terms it – and updating your profile, it’s pretty straight forward.
Swipe right for interested.
Swipe left for not interested.

The app has a textbox for you to update a written bio.

Try it out, you never know where the other half of your deen may be.

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