Marriage Webinar: Expectations of your Spouse

Marriage Webinar: Expectations of your Spouse

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Date : Thursday 6th December 2012

Time: 21:00 PM – 22:30 PM GMT

Presented by: Sheikh Musleh Khan, International Speaker & AlKauthar Institute Lecturer

In the last webinar Sheikh Musleh Khan went through ‘The 10 Things To Know For Success In Your Marriage’, which gave real life and practical applications of some of the most important, yet overlooked principles and activities which if practiced can ensure a harmonious marriage.

In this webinar…

Managing your expectations is an important aspect when searching for a spouse. Many brothers and sisters expect that their future spouses should have a house, a car, have never married before, have no children, a good job – the list goes on… Are these realistic expectations? What should we as Muslims place importance on? And How far do we go with our demands in finding a spouse?

Join PureMatrimony forthis webinar where Sheikh Musleh will help you discover the answers to these important questions.

The webinar will be based on a PowerPoint presentation which will be made available, and will also include a Q&A session where you will be given an opportunity to have your questions answered by the Sheikh.

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