ILMSA Event: The Wayfaring Soul

ILMSA Event: The Wayfaring Soul

ILM-SA presents ‘The Wayfaring Soul: Journeying to Allah,’ an interactive one day seminar conducted by student and lecturer of Islamic Studies, Safiyyah Surtee, aimed at educating and reminding us about what the spiritual aspirant needs to focus on in the moments and days of his or her brief life.


Death – it signals the end of life in this world as we know it; a life in which we gravitate between highs and lows and strive to attain peace and contentmentILM


ILMSA Wayfaring Soul Safiyyah Surtee

This seminar is highly recommended for:

-Men and women seeking a deeper purpose in life
-Mothers and fathers who need to rekindle their connection with Allah
-Professionals seeking spiritual balance

Topics which will be covered include:
– What does closeness to Allah mean?
– Spirituality through the Quran
– Spirituality amidst a busy life
– Understanding the levels of the self
– Addressing spiritual illnesses
– Worship a transformative approach
– Spirituality and activism

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