Ijaza: Muqaddimah Usool Tafsir – Ibn Taymiyyah

Ijaza: Muqaddimah Usool Tafsir – Ibn Taymiyyah

Ijaza Samaa (You obtain ijaza in having listened to the narration of the entire text with a connected chain leading to the author)

1-Day Commentary of the Text “Introduction to Foundations of Tafsir”, by Shaykhul Islam ibn Taymiyyah (728h) رحمه الله.

مقدمة في أصول التفسير لشيخ الإسلام ابن تيمية رحمه الله

This beginner text covers the proper method of understanding the Quran along with its Tafsir.

This is an essential text to read and understand, especially considering that Ramadan is close (may Allah allow us to reach it).

???????? Registered students will recieve an Ijāzah as-Samā’ (a connected chain) traced back to the author.

???? Rajab, 29 1445 (Feb. 10, 2024ce) • Saturday
???? 4:30-5:30pm Makkah timing

???? Live on ZOOM. Recording will be available for registered students only.

???? Instructor: Abu Awzaa’ee Abdus-Salaam al-Makki al-Hanbali وفقه الله
Umm al-Qurā University, Makkah al-Mukarramah ????

???? Course Fee: $15 USD
You can also donate scholarships for others to benefit from this gathering.

❓How to Register?
1. Send the fee payment to Paypal.me/keystoknowledge or KeysToKnowledgeNYC@gmail.com.
2. Include your name and phone number on telegram with country code in the notes (or send us that information via telegram/whatsapp)
3. Wait to be added to the private channel on telegram. Kindly remove any permissions that prevents us from adding you to the channel.

❓Any additional questions? Contact us for more information
Whatsapp/Telegram: +966544162996

???? T.me/K2KNYC

Ijaza Samaa (Ijaza where you have heard the entire arabic text of the book being narrated with a connected chain to the Author)

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