Hajj Series: Things to Pack

Hajj Series: Things to Pack

Here are some tips on what you should pack

Women’s Clothing

Pack 2-3 Plain, lightweight abayas. emphasis on plain. You dont want to wear anything flashy to attract unwanted attention.

Slip on Pants and Tshirts or vest tops

Well-fitting, comfortable takkies (great for hajj itself in crowds and walking long distances)

A small burkah for when in ihraam, it will stay on


Niqab Optional (Saudi women wear niqab; do as they do to avoid unwanted attention, it is easier to fit in)

Things to pack:

  • carry a spraybottle,
  • sunglasses
  • if you wear specs, get the string to keep your glasses on you. Crowds can be rough.
  • hairconditioner
  • Halls coughdrops
  • Cough mixture
  • painkillers
  • vitamins
  • Bath towel
  • Peak cap (ladies for the 5 days, Men after exiting ihraam, can be bought in Makkah)
  • ziplock bag for your stones at muzdalifa
  • Cereal & soups for Azizya
  • afew salt sachets for those stray muscle spasms
  • pocket tissues are a blessing
  • Small Quran **, Hajj book **, Prayer rug **
  • hajji mat ** can be bought for under 10 riyaals
  • Bring ample amount of prescription medications. Keep in original container. Written prescription from doctor in case medications are lost. **Medication for: diarrhea, cough/cold, fever/ headache (in original packages)
  • Plastic/rubber shower slippers
  • Towel/soap/toiletries
  • sheets if desired for Mena – i took a light shawl
  • Safety pins
  • eyedrops
  • vicks inhaler
  • labello
  • rubber slipper for the showers and whudhu
  • Note pad/journal, pen
  • wire hangers
  • inflatable pillow if you have one
  • Money belt
  • Handi-wipes/wet ones (flushable)
  • Medical facemasks to prevent getting sick
  • Comfortable walking shoes/sneakers
  • Jacket or sweater
  • Back pack / overnight / carry-on luggage. (will be used to carry ihram on plane and change of clothing for Mena.)

There are list available online, should you be keen to view others, Google search : Things to pack for Haj

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