Guide to Hijab

Guide to Hijab

Easy animated guide to hijab 🙂 Cross them off your list to see if you’ve attained proper hijab.

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  1. Sadiyyah 'Alimah

    Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem
    May Allaah guide you.
    This is not the proper hijaab (from the pictures I see). The conditions of hijaab are which have been mentioned by the people of knowledge are 8:
    -That it encompasses the entire body
    -It is not beautiful (an adornment) in and of itself
    -It is thick and is not transparent
    -It is wide and loose- it is not narrow or form-fitting
    -It is not perfumed
    -It does not resemble the clothing of men
    -It does not resemble the clothing of the disbelieving women
    -It is not from the clothing of fame or notoriety.

    As far as the hands and face as you have mentioned. There are differing opinions on this matter however the proofs for niqaab are stronger and know that the mother’s of the believers dressed this way and they are the best example for us to follow and the companion’s hearts were much more pure than that of the people today so how much more in need of it are we. Subhanallaah!


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