Free Course: Journey through the Quraan 2022

Free Course: Journey through the Quraan 2022

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This is an amazing course covering six days wherein you will learn:

– 99 personal development lessons based on Quranic teachings
– Key messages, themes and stories to assist your long-term learning
– A cohesive summary and overview of all 114 chapters
– The Quran in application: discover how to apply your knowledge practically in your everyday life
– And so much more.

Traverse the pathways of the Quran that run all the way from Al-Fatiha to Al-Nas. Under the tutelage of IIDR’s very own founder, Shaykh Sharif H. Banna, this course will give you the tools to re-establish your connection with the Divine Book. Make this your year to achieve something remarkable in the month of Ramadan.

Live Online Learning (Access)
At IIDR, we pride ourselves on offering our courses to a wider online community with high quality learning. You can now watch the course from the comfort of your home live and have access to its recording.

You have two options (tickets):
1 – FREE online live streaming with 72 hours of recording access only (made available 24hours after each day’s session]
2 – Extended recording access* (including live streaming access)

Sat 2 Apr – Sun 3 Apr ’22
Sat 9 Apr – Sun 10 Apr ’22
Sat 16 Apr – Sun 17 Apr ’22
10:00 – 15:00 (UK time)

Register online below:



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