Free Course: 100 Verbs from the Qur’aan

Free Course: 100 Verbs from the Qur’aan

100 VERBS from the Quraan Course

This is a very basic course which is ideal for all those who want to begin learning Arabic to understand the Qur’aan.

What is covered?
100 Verbs from the Quraan.

What do you get?
1. 15 verbs a week from the quraan.
2. Homework to locate the word in the Quraan. (optional/recommended)

This a free course

Duration of the course
The course runs over 6 weeks.
Date: 3 August 2020 until 18 September 2020
Venue: Online, Whatsapp

How do I sign up?
Register on this google form

& join the Course WhatsApp Group

Please Note:
1. It’s a 1-way communication group & not a chat group.
2. Words will be sent via Whatsapp every Monday, Wednesday and Friday

Link to Whatsapp Group in on the Registration form
Registration closes: Monday, 3 August 2020

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