Ettiquette for Studying Online

Ettiquette for Studying Online

Never has it been so easy to access information and persue the study of deen.¬† There are a multitude of online platforms and organisations which allow free webinars, online conferences, live streaming and free course material. The option for tertiary qualifications are also available online, at the click of a button – Studying has truly evolved. If you’re a new online student, here are some tips and pointers to keep you on track and on top of your goals.

  1. Purify your intentions
    What does this mean? Simply focus and understand why you’re studying. Make intention for it to be of benefit to you and for your aakhira.
  2. Dua:
    Ask Allah to open your mind to accept and retain the knowledge that you’re seeking.
  3. Prepare your equipment and tech. Charge your batteries or laptops. Ensure that you have all the software and hardware you require for the session. Ensure that everything is working before the session begins. This will avoid missing out on the session or delays on your part.
  4. Prepare your stationary, books, quraan, reference material. Ensure that everything you require is set out and ready before the session begins.
  5. Be on time. Set up your schedule by marking off the time on your calendar or use Google Calendar on your mobile. Mentally prepare so you can be on time as it eliminates  stress and allows you to zone in and focus.
  6. Alot of information can be repeated so have patience with what you already know. Repetition will help strengthen your knowledge and jog your memory.
  7. Focus. Avoid distractions like mobile phones or chatting. Keep open only the webpages and study material related, this will help you focus.
  8. Interact with students on study forums if available. This will help you eliminate the loneliness that accompanies studying online.
  9. Be conscious of Allah at all times. Allah is watching. Be honest in your tests and exams.
  10. Studying online can be daunting. Have a great note taking method, and a get things done method to keep yourself organized. Be dedicated.

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