DBN: Lecture by Sh Yawar Baig

DBN: Lecture by Sh Yawar Baig

Talk by Sheikh Yawar Baig : 31 March, 8pm


International Speaker and Author Sheikh Yawar Baig interrogates the need and case for Muslim engagement and activism in the politics of the country within the context of the south African situation.

Muslims in south Africa have been at the forefront of the liberation struggle in this country and have been recognized as critical role players in the subsequent democratic process given their significant representation at the highest level of the political hierarchy.

The influence and extent of involvement is however waning as the democracy matures and new challenges present themselves. Sheikh Yawar will present the case for greater activism in the political process for both leadership and the general citizenry.

This will be presented with reference to the experiences of Muslim minorities in other countries in the light of Shariah requisites and the Sunnah.

Date : Monday , 31 March 2014

Time : 20:00 (Esha Salaah to performed at venue)

Venue : IMA Baytul Nur, 22 Browns Grove Sherwood.

Kindly RSVP to kzn@minara.org.za

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