DBN & JHB: Tafseer Surah Taha

DBN & JHB:  Tafseer Surah Taha

Muhammad SAWS was pained deeply early in his mission of delivering Islam to his people. The Prophet wished good for his people and seeing them reject the Truth aggrieved him greatly. At that very moment, when distress entered his heart, Allah revealed Surah Taha and the very first Chronicles of Moses upon our Prophet Muhammad,  to raise his spirit and show him the difficulties endured by those who walked the path before him.

This course has many life lessons for you to use as action points to enhance your own life.

JHB: Date: 13 May 2017
Venue: TBC
Time: 08:30

DBN: Date: 13 May 2017
Venue: Al Ansaar Conference Centre
Time: 08:30

Register online: www.alkauthar.org

In the Tafseer of Surah Ta Ha you will learn about –

1. Issues of Islamic creed including Tawheed, Qadar, & The Day Of Judgement.

2. How to call to Allah in the way of the Prophets, using the conduct of Moses as a reference.

3. Life skills including, what makes a leader, who should be followed, differences of opinion, striving for excellence, & prioritising the family.

4. Developing an appreciation of what you have from parents, spouses, children and siblings.

5. Islamic ethics including, the importance of upholding the truth, honesty & personal reform.

6. The way to salvation through learning, putting it into practice, teaching others, being repentant, helping others and remembering Allah.

This course will go through Surah Ta Ha in a practical way that will relate to the issues many of us face. This weekend is full of life lessons and will touch upon many everyday issues throughout in order for us to become more God conscious people.

Delve into many disciplines that range from Theology (‘Aqeedah), Methodology of Conduct (Manhaj), Depictions of the Day of Judgment and the Majesty of Allah, the Story of Adam & temptation contrasted with the struggle of Bani Israel to remain faithful to the Truth, resilience when tested by trial, the triumph of Faith, the danger of heresy, Management & Leadership principles, Ethics and Morality, Islamic Philosophy, The Art of Manliness – Islamic Chivalry and much more.

The Prophet SAWS was sent the Story of Musa AlihisSalam to comfort him at a time of hardship. The scholars have shown that the underlying theme of Surat Taha is that although we are Aware of Allah we at times Forget Allah. There are 10 Ten separate occasions wherein Allah highlights how to recognize this ailment and the processes needed to fix it. The whole surat revolves around the dangers of forgetting our obligations to Allah by choosing to forsake His Guidance. In it is a methodology of Reform that every Muslim needs to learn to improve their spiritual relationship with Allah.

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