Covid-19: Corona Fiqh 1

Covid-19:  Corona Fiqh 1

Excellent resource.

Sheikh Bilal Ismail talks about the latest fiqh and fatawa regarding Covid-19.

Video covers the following:
Preventative Measures:
– Hand sanitizer with alcohol
– Triming beard for Covid-19 masks
– Social Distancing

Related to Worship:
– Suspension of Hajj & Umrah
– Closing of Mosques
– Jumuah Salah at home
– Following an Online Jumuah
– Joining between Prayers
– Qunoot
– Saying Takbeer

Is Covid-19 a Ta’uun (plague)?

If Affected:
– Ventilator Allocation
– Death of a Martyr?
– Ghusl over the deceased
– Shrouding
– Janazah Salah upon the Gaaib (absent)
– Burial


Credit: Alkauther Institute
Instructor: Shaykh Bilal Ismail

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