Course: The Prophets of Allah

Course: The Prophets of Allah

Alkauthar Institute South Africa presents The Prophets – Their Lives, Our Lessons. 1 Day only course! Exclusive to Cape Town & Johannesburg.

Cape Town       : 6 December 2014      | Tel : +27 76 911 0255
University of the Western Cape, Cape Town

Johannesburg: 7 December 2014      | Tel +27 81 8 28 34 77
Wits Medical School, Johannesburg

Early Bird Discount: R150 Valid until 20 November 2014.
Standard Rate : R195

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The Prophets of Allah _ Sh Daood Butt
Instructor:  Sh Da’ood Butt. ( Read his bio here)

The stories of the Prophets are mentioned throughout the Qur’an and provide an insight into the key incidents in the lives of those chosen by Allah. In each of these incidents have been preserved timeless lessons for every person looking to follow in the footsteps of the most blessed of mankind. In this course we will study these important stories in order to reflect upon the lessons contained therein and implement what we have learned in order to better our own character and conduct. The legacy of Prophethood is something intrinsically linked to our faith and as such, we should all be familiar with the stories of our noble Prophets and how they apply to our own lives.

“Indeed in their stories, there are lessons for men of understanding” Yusuf:111



The Prophets of Allah are from the true elite of humanity, chosen and guided by Him as examples for us to follow. They faced challenges and disobedience from their people yet cared deeply for them and remained steadfast upon the truth.  Don’t miss this important opportunity to study and reflect upon the lives of over a dozen Prophets in one weekend.

TPOA4This course will go through Prophetic stories and extract important lessons to help us follow in the footsteps of the most noble people to walk the face of the earth. This is a course for everyone young or old, novice or well versed.

“Thus do we recite to you the stories of what had passed of old, and indeed We have given to you a reminder from Ourselves” TaHa:99

Each one of us is a unique and distinct piece that connects to a larger jigsaw puzzle. What knits us together is our common heritage. The Prophets of Allah illustrates the lives of real men who were chosen by Allah as examples for us all: Young/ Old, Healthy/Sick, Rich/Poor, Free/Detained, Loved/Hated. This course will bring life to the stories we all know and love and strengthen our connection to the One who created us all. Be inspired to make your own mark and take control of your future by learning from lessons of the past.

Course Content:


Adam: The Original Man!Nuh: Perseverance in Da’wahHud: Living Among the People of AdSalih:  Thamud’s Plot to Kill the She CamelIbrahim:  The Khalil of AllahIsmail: Safa, Marwa and the Spring of ZamzamIshaq: A Bundle of Joy to a Barren Mother

Lut: In the Company of Angels and Campaigning Against Sodomy

Yaqub: Raising 13 Children

Yusuf:  From Prison to Parliament

Shuaib: The Destruction of Madyan

Dhun Nun: Yunus and the Whale

Ayyub: Patience & Gratitude

Musa & Firawn: One on One!

Dawud and Goliath: A True Legend

Sulayman: Commander of the Jinn

Zakariyya: Guardian of Maryam

Yayha: Campaign against Incest

Issa: Miracle after Miracle, from Birth to Ascent

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