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Free Online Course: A Believers Ramadan

A Believer’s Ramadan is an inspiring Ramadan program that will help you to have the best Ramadan of your life. A video series by Sheikh Bilal Ismail, that will reflect on making the most of everyday of Ramadan. You will go day by day with a focus on how to make the most of it and pleasing Allah the most. The video series will cover the following topics: The amazing fast History of Ramadan Fasting is protection Month of the Quran Allah wants ease for us Nullifiers of fasting Taraweeh The A-Z of Ramadan Ramadan hadith Blessings of Ramadan...

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Yasmin Mogahed South Africa Tour

Source: Al Buruj Press 2 Seminars Taught by Ustadha Yasmin Mogahed (USA) in Cape Town, both are below: 1) The Greatest Quest: Steps towards an Everlasting Marriage for those Married/Unmarried 1st time taught EVER by Ustadha Yasmin Mogahed (USA) in CAPE TOWN, One of the World’s Most Influential Muslim Female Speakers. Perfect for all! We’ve all read the verse on countless marriage announcements. But how many have actualized it? How many of our marriages really embody that love and mercy described by Allah? What is going wrong when so many of our marriages are ending in divorce? For the...

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Ramadan Photo A Day Challenge 2017

Ramadan Photo a Day on Facebook brings to you a Challenge for 2015.  This year’s theme is “Simplicity#NoFilter” – we live in an age where information is everywhere. Our phones have become an extension of who we are. Between whatsapp, instagram, snapchat and facebook we sometimes forget to pause, look up and think about the moments that we’re in. Yes, we do get the irony of having a theme on facebook about simplicity, but simply saying let’s disconnect for a month does not build a sustainable habit that we can build on throughout the year. It’s our hope that...

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DBN & JHB: Tafseer Surah Taha

Muhammad SAWS was pained deeply early in his mission of delivering Islam to his people. The Prophet wished good for his people and seeing them reject the Truth aggrieved him greatly. At that very moment, when distress entered his heart, Allah revealed Surah Taha and the very first Chronicles of Moses upon our Prophet Muhammad,  to raise his spirit and show him the difficulties endured by those who walked the path before him. This course has many life lessons for you to use as action points to enhance your own life. JHB: Date: 13 May 2017 Venue: TBC Time:...

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DBN : Free Workshop – A Piece of Peace

  Are you looking for peace and tranquility? This FREE WORKSHOP is definitely for you. You…The Busy Muslimah, the Muslimah Student, the Single Muslimah, the Muslimah Mommy, the Everyday Muslimah and even the Supergirl Muslimah – You can be a Muslimah at Peace! Hold on to your peace inspite of circumstances Empower yourself Attain the composure of one whose inner state does not change with her outer condition. Grow your personal awareness Equip yourself with steps to reaching a state of peace in an ever changing world. Presented by International speaker and Author: Ustadha Rehana Shah Bulbulia Date: Monday, 27...

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