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Free Course: Journey through the Quraan 2022

Read our Convention review on Journey through the Quraan Here. This is an amazing course covering six days wherein you will learn: – 99 personal development lessons based on Quranic teachings – Key messages, themes and stories to assist your long-term learning – A cohesive summary and overview of all 114 chapters – The Quran in application: discover how to apply your knowledge practically in your everyday life – And so much more. Traverse the pathways of the Quran that run all the way from Al-Fatiha to Al-Nas. Under the tutelage of IIDR’s very own founder, Shaykh Sharif H. Banna,...

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Islamic Bullet Journal Series

Announcing our all new series, exclusive to – The Islamic Bullet Journal. What is a bullet journal? Traditionally it is a blank journal where the pages comprising of dots and you may create everything for your layout from scratch. If you are unable to find a dotted journal, any journal or book or notebook should be suitable. Are you into bullet journaling? If Bullet journaling has fleetingly caught your attention, but seemed too daunting to embark on,  then our new series is for  you.  In this post you will find some popular questions answered for your convenience. Why...

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A – Z of Marriage & Family

  Marriage, the constant topic in social spheres. Are you married? Why aren’t you married, What is wrong with you, Why are you delaying. How happy is your marriage. Are you going through a divorce. Do you know your rights. Have you been for marriage classes? There are a plethora of questions that surround the topic of marriage as well as divorce and as part of our Muslimah Brides series we have a 2 part video embedded below to help you grow in knowledge about the Fiqh of Marriage and Family.   This video is by Standard bearers academy....

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Free ebook: The Soul’s Journey after Death

    What Happens to the human soul from the point of death, extending until the Day of Judgement? How does the ruh exit the body? Where does it go? What is the next station of arrival? These a many questions that people have, yet remain unanswered.  This book contains everything you need to know about the point of demise, burial and the hereafter. The Author, Ibn al-Qayyim al-Jawziyyah was born into a scholarly and virtuous family in 691 AH/ 1292 A.D. At that time Damascus was a hive of literature and dissemination of islamic knowledge.thought.  He studied and...

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