Ramadan Dua Toolbox: Beautiful Ramadan Dua

Ramadan Dua Toolbox: Beautiful Ramadan Dua

This Beautiful Dua was by Shaykh Yahya Ibrahim. May Allah swt bless him and grant him the best of this world and the next.

Beautiful Ramadan Dua 2015 | Shaykh Yahya Ibrahim | www.muslimahlifestyle.com

I pray that Allah forgives us all our errors & blesses us with a life changing #Ramadan

Ya Allah You alone is worthy of my worship & praise. Ya Allah I begin by asking You to send Your Eternal blessing upon the final Messenger Muhammed.
I ask You by the Holiness of the Quran and its recitation, the sanctity of the Kaaba and its pure location; I ask by the sacredness of the Month of Ramadan and I petition with my upcoming fast and prayer that You answer my dua.

Ya Allah I ask You by Your Beautiful Names and the secret of Your Divine Power to answer my Dua on behalf of my brothers and sisters in Faith

Ya Allah who is there for the weak and oppressed but You?
Who can assist the injured and forgotten but You?
Who can protect the weak and imprisoned but You?

Ya Allah we are cut off if distant from You.
Ya Allah we are surrounded if unworthy of Your Mercy
Ya Allah we are alone if not for You.

O Allah I ask You to send us Your Assistance and Protect us from those who seek us Harm.

ya Hayy Yaa Qayyum Ya Awaal yaa Aakhir!
Ya Rahmaan Ya Raheem Shelter the weak and grant mercy to the deceased and provide patience and sustenance for the bereaved.

Laa illaah illa anta subhaanak!
Ya Allah I ask Your Forgiveness and repent to You from the sins that have brought upon our Ummah Tribulation

Ya Allah forgive those that forgive me, help those who help me, bless those who pray for me.

O Allah send Your choicest blessings upon the Noble Prophet Muhammed Sala Allahu alihi wasSalaam and join me with him in Jannah

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