30 Muslimah Lifestyle Wardrobe Hacks

30 Muslimah Lifestyle Wardrobe Hacks

Look good, Feel good 🙂 Time is of the essence, every one wants to look good without having to spend loads of time staring at their cupboard trying to figure out what to wear. This post is filled with 30 easy hacks to help you get the most out of your time and enhance your closet experience.

What to wear today? Everyone is plagued by this and being hijabi or transitioning into full hijab doesnt make it any easier to decide. In this day of stereotypical black abayas and now the infiltration of the pinfree scarves. Don’t forget the war between colourful bahraini abayas vs plain black blingy abayas. Muslimah fashion in South Africa seems stuck for options to be fully covered and fashionable simultaneously. This post isn’t about individual fashion or style, rather how to avoid losing time deciding what to wear and weighing it up against the hijab appropriateness.

Hasina Suliman

30 MuslimahLifestyle Wardrobe Hacks

1. Sort your clothes for hijab appropriateness. Need help? Read our Previous post on How to Weed your closet for Hijab appropriateness

2. Separate your clothes from casual wear, smart wear,  and of course the traditional type of islamic wear.

3. Hijabs should be accessible. Seperate the solid colours, and printed or floral hijabs.

4. Accessories should be easy to reach. And your formal accessories should be kept seperately.

5.  Trousers, skirts, blazers for work should be hung together for easy access.

6. Work hijabs should be co-ordinated to match or compliment your work wear.

7. Organising your clothes in similar colours makes it easier to match and co-ordinate your garments.

8. If you choose to arrange your cupboard according to colour it will allow you easier shopping trips, and afford you a mental picture of what you have vs what you need to shop for.

9. As the seasons change, revamp your wardrobe with signature colours or accessories for the season.

10. Pack away seasonal wear, like jackets for the warmer months. And leave your summer hijabs more accessible. Do the inverse for winter. This will allow you to efficiently locate your needed items without having to sift through your entire cupboard.

11. Declutter often. Give away items that aren’t being worn to a charity or homeless people. There are many in need so don’t let this opportunity for Sadaqah go to waste.

12. Invest in solid plain coloured hijabs. This is a tip that never gets old and will enable you to not only spruce up your current wardrobe but also add a splash of colour to those hard to match prints.

13. Floral hijabs are a great way of adding accents to your plain clothes too.

14. Wherever possible, decide on your outfit the night before.  If you feel the weather may be an influence, download a weather app for your smartphone so you’re never stuck.

15. Buy Classic items on sale for up to half the price. Blazers, shirts, basic skirts, versatile bags as well as pants never go out of fashion.

16. Purchase winter wear like basic coloured tracksuits or trackpants at the end of the season to save your rands. This will cut down having to seek basics next winter.

17. Hijab hangers are brilliant for organisation.

18. A pin cushion will allow you to reach your pins quickly.

19. Tackle boxes, even larger pill boxes will keep your pins accessble and organised.

20.  Opt for versatile shoes that can be worn for smart as well as casual

21. Match blazers or short jackets with your abayas for some chic accents.

22. Bags! Everyday bags and signature bags. Women love them. Be sure to consider your lifestyle and buy accordingly. Having a gym bag or a bag that’s big enough to carry your books to class. These should be part of your essentials.

23. If you wear the undercaps or underscarves stow them in a basket or even a shoebox.

24. Invest in some good organisers. Baskets are always a win to keep your items together and neat for on the go accessiblity.

25. Try to iron your clothes the night before to save time  in the mornings.

26. When weeding out your wardrobe, take a few minutes to ponder over the garments you’ve kept. Match them together and contemplate afew different looks that can be put together. This will save you time in the long run when trying to match clothes in future.

27. Skirts are always a good buy. Invest in a few basic colours. These can be dressed up  for work or dressed down for weekend wear.

28. If you are the sporty type, build up afew essentials for seasonal sportswear or gymwear with the longer length tops or broader legged pants. Don’t forget a small burkah to go with your sportswear. Small burkahs are easier to work out in, if required.

29. If you frequent the beach you can avoid the stress of trying to figure out what to wear if you invest in the  burkini, a good summer hat, a beach bag and beach towel.  Keeping these things together will allow you to save time of hunting for items.

30. Formal wear is not dipped into often. Be sure to decide what to wear as soon as you recieve that invite. Put together your outfit well ahead of the event. Locate that elusive handbag and favourite piece of jewelry that’s usually hidden away or can’t be found when you plan on wearing it. It will save alot of time and stress when you need to doll-up for your function.


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