25 more Hijabi Problems

25 more Hijabi Problems

25 MORE Hijaabi Problems | Muslimahlifestyle.com


  1. You’re not having a bad hair day, you’re having a bad hijab day!
  2. My crumbs get stuck in the folds of my hijab.
  3. 4 words you don’t want to hear: “Your hair is showing”
  4. I really like my new hijab. I kind of want to wear it with everything, everyday.
  5. “Are you only allowed to wear your ‘headscarf’ in black?” Um, no. I’m just really lazy & pretend black matches everything…
  6. I’m constantly thinking of better ways to organize my hijabs.
  7. When non-muslims ask you : ‘What’s that thing on your head’
  8. My hijab is a lice protector
  9. I’ve been home for an hour, why am I still wearing my hijab for………..what exactly?
  10. Sometimes I feel like my head looks like a peanut with my hijab on.
  11. Wishing you never had to iron another scarf again
  12. My hair looks SO good today
  13. When you spot someone with a giant scarf pin, that stick out like a sattelite dish on their head
  14. When someone asks you why you’re getting your hair done…. ‘Well, i am alive under here’
  15. Miscalculation: My hijab will TOTALLY cover this LOW neckline, right? and then it doesn’t
  16. When someone else’s hijab looks messed up I instantly feel like mine must look messed up to
  17. Your hijab gets caught in the door
  18. Most girls need an extra bag to pack all there shoes.. I need one for my hijabs
  19. Wind blowing, and youre trying not to flash somebody a collarbone.
  20. Lost five hijab pins in one day
  21. You know its gonna be a bad day when you lose a hijab pin the minute you’ve left the house.
  23. My hijab doesn’t cover my chest properly so now I have to wear more layers to fix that
  24. When your hijab is static
  25. It’s so hard to lean back comfortably on a chair when your bun is too high under your hijab

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  1. houria

    having to put 25 pins to be able to think about something else


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