13 Hijab Pin Hacks & Tips

13 Hijab Pin Hacks & Tips

Muslimah Lifestyle brings to you 13 brilliant tips and hacks to store, manage and maintain your Hijab Pins for easy access.

  1. Berry headed pinwheels are awesome. They are available in different lenghts as well as different shapes.mlsberrypins
  2. Pop a berry-headed pinwheel into your handbag or makeup kit in a ziplock bag when you’re on the go.
  3. Ensure your pinbox can be easily accessible and well organised to make the maximum use your accessories. Large pill boxes and utility boxes make fabulous organisers.pillboxx
  4. A Pincushion is an essential. Get one at your local hobby/craft/sewing store.
    Make your own no sew pin cushion (click here for details).
    If all fails, substitute an inexpensive small teddybear to stick your pins into. Keep away from children. Yes it is a tad bit sadistic, but it does the job.


    Here is a picture of my Pin Cushion

  5. Don’t have a pincushion? stick your pins into a small bar of soap. This will prevent snagging and rusting. Ensure that the bar of soap is free of moisture. Soap will also keep your pins sharp and rust free.soap
  6. Declutter your hijab pins and accessories frequently. Rusty or blunt pins should be discarded as they will snag and damage your scarves.
  7. Berry headed pins that have lost their colourful coating should be discarded or simply paint the heads with nailpolish to match your scarf.nailpolish
  8. Have you tired of some pins and good quality brooches which are in good condition? They can be offered to someone who will make use of them.
    Or …  Hand them down to tweens (teenager Hijabis) who are building their accessories collection.
  9. Restock your basics… snag free pins in basic colours, pin wheels, safety pins and straight pins.
  10. Safety pins always come in handy. Be sure to stock some in your hijab pinbox.pins
  11. A small jewelry box can also be used to store your pins.
  12.  Magnets are great to pickup pins as well as hold them together while you are pinning your style in place.
  13. Rubber earing screws or earing fasteners double up as stoppers at the end of your long pins. This ensures that they don’t become blunt or  don’t stab you in the head due to their length.

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