10 Niqabi Tips

10 Niqabi Tips

The transition into niqab comes with its own set of challenges. We bring you 10 Valuable Niqabi tips to make your life a little easier and alot more niqabi friendly.

1. Sneezing
Sneezes are never planned. They catch you out and can leave you uncomfortable. Do not sneeze in your niqaab. Especially a ‘spray-sneeze’ – your niqab will stick to your face and be damp for some time afterwards. It’s very uncomfortable. Try to distance the niqab from your face as you’re about to sneeze or place a hand between your niqaab and your face.

2. Marylin Monroe Niqab
When its windy try to hold down your niqab, or it will do a Marylin Monroe. Your face may be exposed or your eyesight obscurred! Hazard when crossing a busy street.

3. Stairs
Always keep a hand free to hold your niqab when going down stairs.
If you wear a niqab without a flap, make sure there are no gaps between niqab and scarf or your face will be exposed.

4. Smells
Smells get trapped in your niqab.  Stay away from smokers.  Also avoid eating anything with a strong smell, like onions or garlic or cheese, it will linger under your niqab for some time.

5. Children
Do not approach children who are scared. Especially non muslim kids! Really, its a no no. You may need to deal with screaming, crying and very antagonistic rude parents

6. Fruit
Keep a pocket knife in your bag to slice your fruit. It helps you to cute up the right bite size, instead of dribbling fruit juice into the inside of your niqab, which will result in sticky niqab syndrome.

7. Beverages
It always helps to keep a straw in your bag.  Also be cautious when sipping your tea, so the edge of your niqab doesn’t dip into it.

8. Ice Cream
Do not attempt to have soft-serve on a cone , in your niqab

9. Eye Brows
Depending on the opinion you take on, you may choose to show or cover your eyebrows. When opening, and closing the niqab, make sure there is uniformity. i.e both eyebrows conceals, not one covered and one showing as it will make your face look obscure

10. Niqab Seams
When donning the tie-up niqaab, run your fingers along the seam near the eyes. One seam is smooth and the other seam protrudes. The smoother side will be more eye-friendly and comfortable to wear as it is less abrasive to the sensitive eye area.


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  1. Husna

    Any advise on wearing Niqab with glasses?

    • Amatullah

      @ Husna and Huda,

      You guys can wear contact lenses when you’re outside! That is the convenient way I think to avoid all the hassle of taking off your glasses.

      • Hasina Suliman

        jzk Amatullah 🙂 Contact lenses are always a good idea:)
        but some people don’t like ‘putting things’ in their eyes 🙂

  2. anon

    Iv seen ladies in gulf countries wear those huge spectacles wid purdahs. Looks really good 🙂

  3. Huda

    I also need clear advices for wearing niqab with glasses.How can we handle a niqab and glasses on our single nose.I agree with you Husna.

  4. anonymous

    I have been wearing glasses with niqa almost 5 years now. Did I ever find it hard or awkward? Nope. If a mask and glasses both hold onto your nose, then so can glasses and niqab. The thing holding your niqab in its place isnt your nose exactly, its the back tie of it. Last but not least, if u’ll never try u’ll never know. And the more doubtful u’ll feel about yourself doing glasses with niqab or niqab in general, the more u’ll feel the stranger-eyes ogling at you in a weird way. Before glasses, wear the confidence and the cloak of surety over you and then wear whatever sounds feasible.

  5. tas

    With regards to glassed and niqab. I sell niqabs with elastic on the sides so it makes it much eazier with glasses. Also I stock a wide variety of niqabs. Contact me on bbm 7C3AC7E1. Also I have a half niqab which u can keep in ur handbag and use when eating.


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