Workshop Review: Reclaiming One’s Heart

Workshop Review: Reclaiming One’s Heart

Workshop review reclaiming ones heart |

The reclaim your heart workshop was a great first for Durban Muslimahs, providing an ideal platform for spiritual upliftment, books fanaticism as well as one of healing and collating tools for ones emotional and mental maintenance kit. This was a workshop that created a bond of sisterhood, as well as a desire for more events of this nature.


Roshaan Misbach presents well, in a manner that’s easy to identify with irrespective of the level at which you are at. The Reclaim your Heart workshop gives you a great boost to pick yourself up, to want more out of life, and to want more out of the Aakhira. It inspires one to aim for lofty goals to elevate ones deeds and attain a high stage of Jannah. Insha allah.

This workshop equips you with a toolbox of sorts and covers topics like the power of dua and power of intention place emphasis on belief, and doing things in reliance of Allah swt. Deep introspection of oneself was conceptualized throughout the workshop
viz. What do you do VS who are you?
Traversing the topic of “False Attachements” by learning how to identify what renders it false was by far one of the most mind reaching points.  The entire workshop draws explanatory lessons from the seerah as well as the lives of the ambiyaa AS. And these lessons are presented in a manner to steer ones perception to turning to Allah swt in times of need, in times of joy, and in times of appreciation. Subhanallah. Believe that Allah swt will build between you and him a firm tawakkul is undoubtedly an aspiration for everyone to set as a goal. False attachments decrease with yearning for the aakhira

Love –  Every person has a love tank. Everyone wants to love and be loved, understand love, attain love but not everyone understands the topic of Love Languages and how to fill up the love tank. Learning to immunize your children with the love of Allah is by far a great concept whereby you affirm  and encourage their good deeds and duas.


Life is full of tests. As long as you are alive you will encounter tests. Tests are a purifying process and we need to always remmember that as mankind, Allah swt has crowned us as Khalifa. Ultimately learning to surrender to allah swt is something we need to learn. We speak to Allah in our duas and acknowledge that we don’t have control over all matters or hardships. Ask Allah swt to give you sabr, he is the owner of Sabr. Happiness begins with our belief system and it is your sakeenah that makes you happy.


The 2 day workshop concluded with Sister Laylah (Roshaan’s Daughter) reciting the verses of Surah Baqarah. A perfect way to end on a spiritual high – and not a single dry eye in the conference venue.

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