Wives of Jannah – Conference Schedule

Wives of Jannah – Conference Schedule


Brilliant ConferenceLINK Back here however it is being conducted in the west, hence the late hours for South Africa. Many of you may not be able to pull an all nighter, but be sure to attend afew of the earlier sessions if possible.

Date: 2 – 3 March 2014
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Times for South Africa

20:00 South Africa (GMT +2:00)
“Fearless Vulnerability: How to Turn Conflicts into a Soulful and Connected Moment while Reducing Tension and Miscommunication” with Megan Wyatt, Founder of Wives of Jannah

21:30 South Africa GMT +2:00)
Announcing Speaker Soon Insha’Allah..


23:00 South Africa (GMT +2:00)

“Five Steps to Prevent Shaytan From Using Your Own Kids to Harm Your Marriage” with Nadheer Al-Mujahhid, Founder of Outstanding Muslim Parents


3 March 2014
01:30  South Africa (GMT +2:00)

“Different Religious Wavelengths: How to Keep the Love Strong in Your Marriage When You Aren’t Practicing the Deen on the Same Levels” with Shaykha Muselma Purmul, Education and Executive Director for MAS – L.A.

02:00 South Africa (GMT +2:00)

“Which of the Four Temperaments is Your Husband? – What To Expect and How to Improve Interaction With Your Husband Using an Ancient System of Human Classification – with Hosai Mojadiddi, Co-Founder, Mental Health for Muslims

03:30 South Africa (GMT +2:00)

“How to Stop Fighting Over Who is Doing More and Start Loving and Connecting with Ease Every Day” with Fatima Omar Khamissa, Founder of Spiritual Biz Moms

05:00 South Africa (GMT +2:00)

“What to Do When your Husband Won’t Lower His Gaze: Steps to Protect Your Heart, Self-Esteem, and Invite Healing and Change for Your Husband” with Zeyad Ramadan, Founder of Purify Your Gaze

06:30 South Africa (GMT +2:00)

Open Q&A with Megan Wyatt & Conference Closing Remarks

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