Wisdom from Tafseer Surah Taha

Wisdom from Tafseer Surah Taha

Tafseer Surah Taha  course in Durban by AlKauthar Institute was an extremely interesting course which traversed the chronicals of the Prophet Musa AS. Conceptualization of tests and struggle, the understanding of tawhid, qada and qadar presented in an easy to grasp manner for the student. Lots of amazing dawah tips, and key points to take and implement into ones life going forward. The course closing on the most profound point: Firown was given 9 signs (Ayaat) and the student was given 135 Ayaat (every verse is a sign from Allah) in the Surah. What will you do with these Ayaat?  The ultimate cliff hanger for life to be filled with action, and not just knowledge.


Here are some Pearls of wisdom from the course.

– You cannot please Allah whilst neglecting your responsibilities.

– If you cannot say Bismillah before an action, then it is an indication you should not be doing that action.

– Some of the sahabah were not Arab. This indicates that tafseer was open to everyone. Contextualize it.

– Tafseer of Qur’aan by Qur’aan is the highest level of tafseer.

– Certain Ayaat are made tafseer of in Sahih Al Bukhari

– He highest level of Arabic was that of the Sahabah

– Imam at Tabari wrote one of the earliest works of tafseer.

– Block out fitna. It this is not possible, then equip yourself /people /children with knowledge.

– Musa AS and the stick: Allah orders him to pick up the stick then not to be scared. Lesson : Obey allah swt even in times of. Fear. Do not be afraid to obey Allah

– Distinction / dividing line between Makki and Madani Surahs is Hijrah. Viz. Makki = before Hijrah. Madani =after Hijrah

– Your biggest opponent today could be your allie tomorrow. Eg. Umar RA who was waiting tokill the prophet saws yet became a sahabi. Similarly, the magicians became the first followers of Musa AS

– 2 of the themes in Surah Taha : 1. Importance of Dhikr and making it a part of one’s life. 2. A guide to dawah.

– Istiaatha : اعوذ بالله من الشيطان الرجيم. Why Is the word rajeem رجيم used in the istiaatha? The word رجم means to stone or cast out.

– Prioritize! Leave the shirk! Keep the UNITY.

– Don’t judge Taqwa. don’t say: “you have bad imaan!”

– When you have defeated your opponent don’t rub salt in the wound

– Bismillah appears in Surah An Naml

– The Basmallah is one of the most controversial Ayaat in the Qur’aan.


– Surah Tawba has no Basmallah because is a declaration of War
– It is always best to replace a bid’ah with a Sunnah
– Allah has control of every atom
– The opposite of Rabb رب is Abd عبد
– Surah Taha is a Tarbiyyah on how to connect with Allah swt.


Dawah Lession : When you want to talk to a disbeliever about Allah, you talk about the creator.


  • Allah swt has more than 99 names. The correct way of using the names of allah is to use it appropriately in your dua.


– The point of Surah Taha is to remember and obey Allah swt
– People who worship karamah (Miracles), what will they do when Dajjal emerges?
– Everything in the heavens a D the earth is in Allah’s service. In whose service are you?
– Telling your children that you love them builds their confidence.
– Live your life as though it hasn’t been decreed but accept Allah’s decree.


– Don’t stop doing  the good in Ramadan. Increase upon it.


Musa AS was lost in the desert with his family and only he sees the fire. This is a parallel to prophethood where a nation is lost and one who loves/leads/protects them ins give guidance and he guides them towards Allah. SWT


The difference between Ghaffaar and Ghafoor: Ghaffaar – Unlimited forgiveness. Ghafoor – Forgiveness no matter how big the sin as long as sincere repentance.


“Always make dua for your brother” – Nabi Musa AS made dua for his brother haroon. Allah swt changed Haroon from an ordinary man into a prophet.

Keep good company and enlist the help of good people and good will come of it.


As you go through life your relationship with the quraan should grow.  You should be able to understand more and extract more meaning.


Dawah Tips:
1. Speak of the creator
2. Be Gentle
3. Connect from an emotive perspective.


When you are giving dawah, how do you respond to the question : “Are my parents in Jahannum?” Musa AS response – “I do not know about their condition” – We may also use this as a response in Dawah


-Surah Taha was revealed around the time of the conversion of Umar RA. That’s approx. 5 years into the advent of islam. Consider the themes in context of the time of revelation.

Dawah Tip: Do dawah privately. Don’t look for public platforms

Firown was given 9 Ayaat. We were given 135 Ayaat in Surah Taha. What will you do with these ayaat?


And of course, the notable Dua of Hadhrat Musa:

Rabbi Ishrah Li Sadry, Wayassir Li Amry, Wahlul ‘Uqdatan Min Lisany, yafqahu Qawly.

(My Lord, I ask you to expand my breast, make my task easy, undo the knot in my tongue so that my speech will become comprehensible) (Moses’ prayer)

Rabbi – My Lord
Ishrah – Expand
Sadry – My breast
Yassir – Make easy
Li – for
Amry – My affair/situation
‘Uqdatan – knot
Lisaany – my tongue
Yafqahu – become comprehendible
Qawly – my word/speech



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