Webinar: Envy – The Overlooked Sin

Webinar: Envy – The Overlooked Sin

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Presents Envy: The Overlooked Sin


When: Tuesday | 1st October 2013 | 03:00 PM GMT [In sha ALLAH]
Where: ONLINE (Login link will be emailed out to registered attendees)
Who: Sr. Rabiya Fahma Dawood

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About the Webinar:

When you count someone’s blessings instead of your own and hate for them to enjoy those then your heart has a disease.

When seeing someone’s happiness and success makes you miserable, then your heart has a disease.

When you can’t tolerate someone’s progress at school or workplace, then your heart has a disease.

Or worse, when you find it hard to accept that the other person is more knowledgeable than you in religion… It’s a disease called Envy which if left untreated can cause a lot of damage to both the envier and the envied.

Join Sister Rabiya Dawood as she digs further into the topic of envy to learn about its causes, consequences, and its treatment Bi-idhnillaah.

It takes efforts to accumulate good deeds and envyto destroy them. As the prophet (peace and blessings be upon) him said:

Abu Hurayra reported that the Prophe ( may Allah bless him and grant him peace) said, “Beware of envy. Envy devours good actions as fire devours wood.” (or he said, “dry grass”).
[Abu Dawud]

About the Speaker:

Graduating from her CBSE-based school in Dubai as the Gulf Topper in the Arts/Humanities stream in 2009, Sr. Rabiya jumped right into pursuing her Bachelors degree in Islamic Studies, soon after.
She is currently in her last year at Islamic Online University, where she is doubling-up as student as well as writer/editor for their online magazine – IOU Insights.

Having attended several courses in Markaz al Huda, Kalemah, Al Huda International Institute, Al Maghrib Institute, and Al Manar center in Dubai, she is constantly looking to broaden her horizons in seeking knowledge, and continuously trying to give back to the community through means of authentic Islamic education. In lieu of this aim, she has volunteered in several lectures/
seminars/conferences, taught children at Kalemah for two semesters in 2011, is currently teaching kids at Noor-ul-Ilm Islamic Weekend School, and is taking on several small-scale projects at different avenues online.

REGISTER HERE -> http://envywebinar.eventbrite.com/

This is event is only for Sisters.
Online webcast with audio and visual presentation
For maximum benefit, try your best to attend this event live.

Time: 17:00 (GMT+02:00)



REGISTER HERE -> http://envywebinar.eventbrite.com/

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