UZ Writers workshop Review

UZ Writers workshop Review

This workshop was a great push to get you to start writing, and move forward, instead of placing your writing dreams on the backburner and waiting on the elusive Someday – Someday i will write, someday i will be good enough, some day…

Here are some amazing gems from this workshop to help you along on your journey

  • Everything starts with a thought, keep going from this point.
  • There is power in storytelling
  • Storytelling is where the hear and the pen meet. It gives voice to the imagination.
  • Invest time in nurturing the heart of what you are doing .
  • The success of any story depents on 2 hears – the writers heart and the writings heart. The most important heart is that of the writer.
  • Intentions and hope are not the same thing.
  • There is nothing wrong in earning rizq through your writing

  • The writers heart begins with intention, the non-muslims call it ‘Energy’
  • When you are writing, you are exposing your heart.
  • Metaphorically ‘Slit your wrist and bleed all over the page’

  • What you write should be rooted in the pleasure of Allah
  • Don’t pick up the pen until you have sought the permission of Allah to write

  • Many times we think we know our hearts, but we don’t.
  • The writers heart requires meaningful intent and honesty
  • Ruh – is the spirit soul
  • Allah will bring back our words when we need then, you need to save yourself before saving the world. Go to your writing with humility
  • Everyone has a heart. You can’t turn away from Allah.
  • Ask allah to protect you while you are doing research, to protect you from bad.
  • Remember to make morning adhkaar. Dua influences

  • We don’t focus on staying motivated. Rather create a process to help you along.
  • Do your quality control after you write it. Focus on the quantity first and get it out.
  • Write through the fear. Work through the fear.


  • Conflicts attract the readers attention
  • Consider the reality of the  human self viz. The battle of the heart,, and the battle of the environment.
  • Every story has multiple conflicts
  • Highest point of action in the story – can be emotional. Eacy poing of the story is conflicting.
  • What is the best representation of conflict
  • Every problem does not have a solution.
  • Every story does not have a happy ending
  • As a writer, try to give the reader some positivity.
  • You have to respect the spiritual understanding of others, and stop micromanaging. Arrive at a resolution. One of the biggest challenges isabout NOT micromanaging how others are dressed.
  • Recognise your arrogance. Stick to the foundations of guidance. Allah will guide you.
  • Put real life into our stories.
  • This world is like a womb. In it are many wombs. Allah has decreed the time for every life, and ones spiritual life. Don’t micromanage peoples lives., Children are at different stages of spiritual growth. Powerful faith is believing that your child knows who her lord is
  • Tell stories from the heart.
  • We see with human eyes when Allah is Al-Baseer (The all seeing)
  • Make dua for Allah swt to place barakah in your time.

The workshop ends on an epic “This is the pace where you begin your Story”

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