Twitter Satire: #RamadanMovies

Twitter Satire: #RamadanMovies

I am taking for granted that you are familiar with twitter, a social media platform that shares information in 140 characters or less.
See wikipedia for more info.

Hashtags are used as a tracking/tagging method on twitter to streamline relevant information to be search friendly.

Follow the hashtag #RamadanMovies for some Ramadan Satire

How it works: you take the title of a movie and tweak it in keeping with Ramadan. Its had some funny results.

#RamadanMovies: The fasting & the furious

Eat, Pray, Love, Taraweeh

Charlie & the dhaltjie factory

The Ramadan Redemption

No Drinks Attached

Eternal sunset of the hungry mind

Scarf Ace

The last of the springrolls

Dude where’s my food

Dawood & the samoosa factory Harry Potter and the Tikka chicken

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Red Vimto

Iftar: Gone in 60 Seconds

V for Vimro

I know what you ate last Ramadaan

the Devil wears Jalabya

Romeo must boeka

Eat, sleep, pwasa

The Chronicles of Golden Dish: The brasse, The gatsby & the Coke

Ace Samoosa: Food detective

Sleepless in Makkah

You’ve got dates

Doesn’t need changing: 50 first dates

30 First Dates! Like Khajoor Night!

fast another day

Confessions of a vimtoholic

Ramadan Wars: Episode V The hunger strikes back.

Haleem potter and a chamber of samoosas

How to loose ur appetite in 10 days

when belly met jelly – Falooda files?

Harold and Kumar go the Blue Mosque

A meal to remember

Good Will Fasting

The Fastinator

Ramadan as we know it

maghrib ( twilight )

My name is Naan

Pie another Day

(No Eating) Before Sunset & its sequel (Stop Eating) Before Sunrise

My Best Friend’s Fasting

While You Were Eating

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  1. Zuhayra

    The Twilight one is very funny… Surprised I never came across it before 😛


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