Event Review: The Victorious One – Seerah from the Madinian Period (pt.2)

Event Review: The Victorious One – Seerah from the Madinian Period (pt.2)

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Day 2 of the course picks up the pace with the major battles of islam up for discussion regarding the historic and strategic stances taken for each of them.  From the Battle of the Trench we see the proposition to dig a trench as brought forward by Salman Farsi, who was persian. It serves as a means of education to expand our horizons into the ways of other nations and not be tunnelled visioned by societal norms.  The prophet SAWS showed wisdom of getting the ‘right person for the job’ – This was apparant in the Pledge of Aqaba where  Mus’ab ib Umayr RA was sent to teach Islam to the people of Madina, and again in the consultation with Salman Farsi RA and adoption of the trench.

The above image is a scene from the Class Discussion. Students are given a small role playing task of protraying conflict in the workplace, to highlight the actualization of human response. There after we see conflicts that are addressed in the Seerah, and the manner in which Nabi SAWS handles these points. The prophet SAWS lead by example as is seen :

In the Treaty of Hudaibiyah, when the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) commanded the Muslims to shave their heads, to make sacrifices, and to return from Makkah to Medina according to the settlement, most of them did not obey. When Umm Salamah saw the Prophet Muhammad’s (SAW) grief, she offered a wise suggestion and said:
“O Messenger of Allah! It is too hard for them to accept the settlement since they desired victory. You should stand up and go out without uttering a word, then sacrifice and shave your own head, and then they will obey!”

The focus on the farewell hajj brings about reflection on the Final Sermon of the Prophet SAWS. The course highlighted the Final Sermon with it being read at the beginning of the course. For those individuals who have been on hajj, it conjures up many thoughts of the Day of Arafah and Mount Jabal Rahma.  A brilliant beginning and pre-conclusion tie that contextualizes what we have been left with  i.e Quraan , Sunnah and Islam.  There is a sheer hust of humility to know that each of us was thought of at the time of delivery of the last sermon. It is indeed such an honour to be part of the Ummah of Nabi SAWS.

The closure of the course stirred emotions and teary eyes as the congregation of students listen to Shaykh Mohammed Cheppih read aloud an exerpt from Tariq Ramadan’s book ‘The Messenger’. This exerpt concentrates on the details and description of the demise of the Prophet SAWS. Hearts are touched, the tears begin to flow, emotions stir and not a dry eye is left amongst the students. The course concludes, and each attendee walks away feeling like they have connected with , and learnt many valuable lessons from the Seerah of Nabi SAWS.

The feeling and internalisaton of this incredble loss to mankind – the Demise of the prophet SAWS- lingers for days after the course. It is an honour and priveledge it is to be from amongst the Ummah of Nabi SAWS.  Allah has bestowed us many favours including a seerah for character aspiration.The final post in this review series will share pearls of wisdom from the course.

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