The “My Quran” Symposium

The “My Quran” Symposium


The Islamic Library In Collaboration with Dar Ubaiy proudly presents The “My Quran” Symposium

Scholarship Inspired By The Holy Qur’an.

Public Event @ Masjidul Quds Main Masjid Area

1 & 2 September 2012

Gatesville Mosque

Opening Ceremony :- Saturday 1 Sept At 2:30 Pm

Session 1 :- Starts 3:15pm

Session 2 & 3 :- Between Asr And Maghrib

Session 4 :- After Maghrib Till Esha

Book Exhibition After Esha

Arranged By The Islamic Library In Collaboration With Dar Ubaiy And The Author Of ‘ Signs Of The Hour’ Book Series

Contact Dar Ubaiy Office : 021 6333 099

Contact The Library: 021 6334 319

Free entry : All welcome

Speakers & Topics: Ml. Muaadth Allie – “The Importance Of The Pursuit Of Knowledge”

Sh. Abdurahman Khan – “Respect For Knowledge And Our Teachers ”

Sh. Riyaad Walls – “Scientific Accuracy And Brilliance Of The Qur’an”

Sh. Muhammed Moerat – “The Qur’an In The Modern Day”

Sh. Ebrahim Moos – “14 Centuries Of Islam–Contribution Of Global Scholars To Islamic Scholarship”

Dr. Hussein Ebrahim – “Contribution Of Our Local Scholars To Islamic Scholarship”

Sh. Sadullah Khan – “The Glorious Qur’an From Recitation To Implementation”

Sh.Amien Fakier – * Special Presentation To Be Made To Sheikh For His Scholarly Contribution

More info: 021 6334319 or 021 6333 099 .

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