Review: Tafseer Surah Taha

Review: Tafseer Surah Taha

Tafseer Surah Taha is a gripping and rivetting journey through the chronicles of Nabi MUSA AS (The prophet moses) ┬áPresented by Shaykh Muhammed West of the Alkauthar Institute. The course begins by focussing the students understanding on the meaning of the word Tafseer and conceptualizing why we need to explore tafseer of the Chapters of the Noble quraan – paying heed to setting, time of revelation, the themes and messages in the Surah. It is immensely important to take lessons from the chapters of the quraan and try to understand the bearing these lessons have in current context of the here and now.


There are many parallel stories in Surah Taha – and themes with vital lessons that can be taken and implemented into various avenues of ones life. The integral point of Surah Taha is to remember to obey Allah Swt under all circumstances. There are many dawah tips that are prevalent through out the the Surah- View our Wisdom from Surah Taha Post for more information.

Throughout the course one delves into deep aspects of self auditing and self reflection. It was the ideal Ramadan readiness course to make one re-evaluate oneself, and the true meanings of the word Rabb and Abd.

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