Summer Hijabs – 12 Tips on How to avoid the Brain Boil Factor

Summer Hijabs – 12 Tips on How to avoid the Brain Boil Factor

As a muslim woman, covering your head (including neck and ears) is obligatory. Knowing that this is part of the framework of Islam means that one needs to tweak one’s style to remain within this framework.

“How do you accomplish this in blistering hot summer weather, when you’re melting into a puddle and experiencing serious brain boil factor?”

Muslimah Life Style has perfect tips to keep you cool while pleasing your creator 🙂

MLS Summer Hijab

1. Choose breathable, light weight scarves

2. If you’re opting for pinfree scarves, ensure you select the lightweight summer scarves.  These are usually made of poly-viscose fabric. The thicker jersey cotton knit scarves are better suited for winter.

3. Opt for light colours. Keep an eye out for the fashionable colours for the season

4. Natural Fabrics will be kinder to your head and skin.

5. Underscarves or undercaps. Opt for 100% cotton or net/mesh caps. Satin and other thicker fabrics can be saved for cooler weather

6. Don’t tie your scarf tightly around the neck. Avoid the “strangulation by hijab” factor.

7. Drape your scarf loosely, thereafter pin to ensure you’re covered properly.

8. Smaller brooches or hijab pins as well as snag free hijab pins will allow you to secure your scarf in place without adding additional weight to your scarf.

9. Opt for alice bands instead of pins to hold your scarf in place.

10. Avoid scratchy scarves with alot of beads, sequins and bling.

11. Tie up your hair. Loose hair under your scarf is likely to stick to your neck and make you uncomfortable in the summer heat.

12. Avoid the camel hump accessories. They will weigh down your hair and add to the brain boil factor.

Do you have a great tip for summer hijab struggles? Share your tip in the comment box below.

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  1. Rubina

    Infinity scarves are also a great way to keep cool because it doesn’t cling to the neck yet covers it up nicely

    • Hasina Suliman

      Thanks for sharing your tip Rubina. It’s a brilliant suggestion


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