Review: Chronicals of the Shariah – The evolution of fiqh

Review: Chronicals of the Shariah – The evolution of fiqh

Shariah is the code of conduct for Islam, better known as Islamic Law. Al-Kauthar Institute packages the depth of Islamic conduct, in this 2 day course took place in Durban and Johannesburg respectively. Course material was very indepth, with Day 1 outlining the infrastructure of concepts and shariah, and Day 2  focusing on the concepts of the 4 madhab as well as the subject of fatwas

Being my first Al-Kauthar Institute event, it was a uplifting experience. Engaging with other muslimahs, stealing quick conversations between breaks and of course growing in Islamic knowledge emphasizes a weekend well spent.

The course was presented by Shayk Imtiaz Damiel and encompasses many levels, namely:

The History of Shariah i.e how and when the various aspects were revealed. Defining the Shariah and outlining Fiqh concepts. There is focus on why Allah ordained more than ONE shariah (different rules for the torah, zabur, injeel and the quraan). It is particularly noteworthy to understand the basics of islamic history in the context of the Quraan, the madhabs and so on.

There was special focus on the madhabs with a brief history on Imam Abu-Hanifa, Imam Malik, Imam Ash-Shafi’i and Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal. Each of their convictions to Deen, their scholary studies, lives and practises based on the sunnah bri0ngs to life a serving of reminder of how we as ummah of this era need to renew our conviction to our lord, Allah SWT. Tales from the lives of the 4 imams bring tears to ones eyes, one’s heart is filled with respect and admiration for the admonition they faced in their lives. It’s unbelievable that we conform to so many practices in our daily lives, yet we are oblivious to the origin of them.

The latter part of the course speaks of Fatwa’s in the relation to the Shariah, sunnah, and the 4 Madhabs. Case studies allow the attendeess to apply their minds to the concepts of right vs wrong. Shayk Imtiyaz Damiel presents the content very well, in a way that’s easy for the audience to understand. His attention to detail and careful phrasing makes the 2 day long sessions easy to get one’s mind around. He gifts chocolate and CD’s containing the recitation of Sh. Menshawi, which leaves the attendees eager to engage in discussion.

In totality the course is packaged well, scores big ups on presentation skills as well as content.

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