Ramadan Photo A Day Challenge 2017

Ramadan Photo A Day Challenge 2017

Ramadan Photo a Day on Facebook brings to you a Challenge for 2015.

 This year’s theme is “Simplicity#NoFilter” – we live in an age where information is everywhere. Our phones have become an extension of who we are. Between whatsapp, instagram, snapchat and facebook we sometimes forget to pause, look up and think about the moments that we’re in. Yes, we do get the irony of having a theme on facebook about simplicity, but simply saying let’s disconnect for a month does not build a sustainable habit that we can build on throughout the year. It’s our hope that with this year’s theme, we can all learn to strip away the filters (in life). Pause. Reflect. And appreciate everything around us.

How does this work:
1. Each day we will post one word (you can see the words in the group description also if you like)
2. Please capture ONE photo that best matches the word in the context of simplicity
3. Post a description along with the photo of what it means to you.

Some rules:
1. ORIGINAL Photos only (a PHOTO that you have taken yourself)
2. ORIGINAL Photos only (a PHOTO that you have taken yourself)
3. ORIGINAL Photos Only (a PHOTO that you have taken yourself
4. No Screenshots (see rules 1 – 3)
5. No googling images and posting them (see rules 1 – 3)

Chances are you have a phone with a camera, so snap away. This group is not about professional photography, scroll through previous years to get an idea – it’s about something that has meaning to you.Join the challenge on Facebook and submit your picture, or simply follow what everyone is sharing.

Click here for the Official Ramadan Photo a Day Group on Facebook

Credit: Riyaad Minty – Ramadan Photo-a-day

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