Ramadan Diaries : Kinship

Ramadan Diaries : Kinship

1 Ramadan 2014

Every day of Ramadan i hope to focus on one or two new things. I might not share all of them but i will be making the effort to pen down something.

Every Ramadan we’re told to rekindle ties with loved ones and family. The month of mercy places in our hearts kindness in attitude.  Its something i’ve been exploring deeply, as the many Ramadan greetings appeared on my mobile phone yesterday evening. May people asking for forgiveness of their transgressions and for hurt feelings and the like. Shaykh Yawar Baig made a valid point : If you did something, apologise and make tawba. Knowing that you’ve done something is important instead of blanket apologies.

Love your parents. Show them kindness. Request them to make dua for you. And more than anything, be emotionally and mentally present in how you treat them. This is a reminder first to myself, and then to others.

We lose track of time, we miscommunicate, we break ties. Ramadan is a time that we should strive to rekindle ties of family and friends. Insha-allah.
I decided to place special focus on this idea of rekindling ties. And efforts should begin with those near and dear to us.

My efforts are:

Spending time with each of my parents.

Making the effort to stay in touch with family members who are part of my support structure.

Rekindling old friendships with good friends.

Taking the time out to email those who are far away.

Including family on my list of duas for maghfirah and for khair and barakah.

Feel free to share your efforts in the comment box 🙂

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