Pows: The Believer’s Mark

Pows: The Believer’s Mark

Our religion is pure and easy to follow- it is some of us who make it APPEAR difficult

Difficulty gives rise to ease

Tahaarah has not been made difficult, but if/when it is difficult, then it is made easy by the flexibility of the Shariah

Allah has given us both water and earth to use to purify ourselves, and has not left us to figure it out by ourselves

Do not kill the bee

The food that can suffice one, can suffice two

We should not restrict that which is vast

A Muslim is he who clears the path and makes it safe for others

There are numerous pearls of wisdom from the hadith about the man who urinated in the masjid, such as, having mercy when dealing with others and how impurity should be cleaned

The key to Jannah is salaah, the key to salaah is wudhu, and wudhu is a part of tahaarah

There is no cause for distress for the logical muslim as Islam IS logic

Whenever things get narrow, Shariah opens up the way. Shariah delivers us from the narrowness of our complications to broadness and ease

Pork is haraam; pork is cheap- nothing worthwhile ever comes cheap!

Nabi (SAW) used the plain old “stick” and until today, it has more benefits than advanced methods for cleaning the mouth

Everything is pure until proven otherwise

Think in earnest about eating to your fill- there are people dying of hunger, while we “pig out” on luxuries

Whilst fatwa may give you permission to indulge in something, it is better for you to allow your taqwa to guide you

Fear Allah to the best of your ability

We need not become fanatical about small issues in the deen as this will cause us to lose focus on the major issues

We enter the toilet with the left foot so that if one falls, he will fall backwards (out of the toilet), and we exit the toilet with the right foot so that if one falls, he will fall forward (out of the toilet)

Muslims are advised to stay away from pomp- let the nom-muslim have it. Our reward and time of ease is coming and will be eternal

Validity is not necessarily acceptance

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