Niqab for Beginners: Steps to wearing the Niqab

Niqab for Beginners: Steps to wearing the Niqab

Guest post by Zaakirah Kadwa

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It is preferable not to rush into wearing the niqab without  acknowledging the responsibility that wearing it entails. It is a means of placing a physical curtain  or screen between you and men, distancing yourself from unwanted attention as well as a manifestation of your spirituality. The benefits are numerous but most essentially you are adopting the niqab, to honour and uphold the islamic practise of segregation between the genders. By concealing your beauty you are protecting yourself from lustful gazes, molestation and being ‘hit on’, to name afew.

Step 1:

Before adopting the NIQAB , begin by embracing hijab in your life. Hijab is more than wearing a scarf, you should attempt to wear long length loose fitting tops which do not reveal your shape and covers your buttocks appropriately long pants accompanied with your beautiful scarf. This criterion should meet your dress style wherever you go be it the mall, library, school, campus. When you are comfortable with this step then move on to step two.

Step 2:

Adopt the HIJAAB completely and attempt to wear a cloak/abaya/other loose fit dress that does not reveal your shape. It is essential that you hair and arms be covered as a pre-requisite to wearing the niqab.

If you have decided to incorprate the abaya/kaftan/cloak into your dressing then Alhumdulillah, there are many beautiful, smart, elegent and stunning cloaks /abayas readily available. Purchase one or two and attempt to wear them whenever you leave the home or wear them for the duration that you are in  public places.  You will form the habit of wearing them and before you know
it this  act of donning the cloak will become a second skin to you. Sometimes it takes a year or more… if you’re lucky, less than a year, to develop a habit which, Insha-Allah, you will take forward with you into the future.

Implementation may differ from person to person, but once you are accustomed to it, it will be easy for you to cover your beauty for the pleasure of Allah SWT.  Remember, your cloaks need not to be drab, old fashioned or granny-like. Cloaks that are smart yet simple are easily available in South Africa. There are many variations that are wallet friendly if you are concerned with affordability. You can be trendy and smart while still in conforming to the laws of the shariah.
The purpose of hijaab should not be defeated. Your cloaks should not be tight enough so show off the contours of your body. Ensure that your hair does not peep through your scarf and no inch of your neck is visible.  Avoid transparent and net/lace scarves. Your arms should also be covered. When you are comfortable with this, you are now prepared for the final step – the NIQAAB!

NB: It is important that you are accustomed to the idea of “covering up” first before embracing the niqab permanently.

Stay tuned for our next post: Dealing with Niqab Prejudice

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