Muslimah Today Conference Review

Muslimah Today Conference Review

Guest post by Fayruz Patton


ILMSA (Institute for Learning and Motivation) recently boasted a first ever female only conference in South Afica spanning 3 days with a host of speakers. The conference was held at UKZN (University of Kwazulu Natal) in the Senate chamber.

The ambience, setting, and hospitality set a tone of professionalism. Great motivation for women of various ages, and from various backgrounds. Speakers stemmed from all over South Africa,  and were diverse in culture, and expertise. Among them were Haafitha Radia Bawa (from Cape Town ), Safiyyah Surtee (a lecturer from JHB), Qurayshah Sooliman from Pretoria, and Shubnum Khan an author from DBN. A plethora of expertise – Some had memorised entire Quran, others had attained their  Masters degree in various fields, and some were even notable activists within their communities.

An initiative of this nature is needed to fit the South African context, and in the greater scheme of things it was also presented the diverse nature of South African communities in line with Heritage Day (celebrated on the 24th September 2012). The conference exceeded expectations of the audience and paved the way for great things to come from Muslim women across South Africa.

A great first ever females conference with all eyes on the future yearning for more. There where lots of great wisdoms that emerged from this conference as can be found in the tweets below.

Some tweets we were able to source from the Muslimah Today Conference held on 22- 24th September 2012


  • #MuslimahToday celebrating a uniquely South African heritage of Muslim women, so much power and beauty despite challenges!
  • #HeritageDay Put it down and let it go Shamshad Baker #MuslimahToday
  • Awareness Noticing Changing = ANC Shamshad Baker #MuslimahToday
  • AA / Address or Accept principle is very important Shamshad Ahmed #MuslimahToday
  • Shamshad B Ahmed change your inner critic to your inner champion. Change the words of your inner critic #MuslimahToday
  • 3 women took Shahada at #Muslimahtoday conference. Alhamdulillah!”
  • #MuslimahToday #ILMSA @ShubnumKhan: Alluded to potential of technology/social media in inculcating narcissistic tendencies.
  • RT @Ayesha_Mall #MuslimahToday #ILMSA haafidhah Radia Bawa Hendricks,a 21yr-old mum, comm science&media grad, scholar of Islam speaks…
  • @fatimaasmal @SafiyyahSurtee yes the noor and ilm permeates the space and blocks out all the negativity out there #MuslimahToday
  • ShubnumKhan: Characteristics today’s Muslimah should aspire towards. There is a noor in the room @ the #MuslimahToday conference
  • Radia B Hendricks @fatimaasmal #MuslimahToday Radia B Hendricks the whole aalam is supposed 2 give us ilm of Allah #MuslimahToday #ILMSA
  • haafidhah Radia Bawa Hendricks,a 21yr-old mum, comm science&media grad, scholar of Islam speaks with depth&sincerity. Worry about yourself. We tend to try to change others but forget to change ourselves. #muslimahtoday
  • What is your heart attached to? Ask yourself that. Radia Bawa Hendricks #muslimahtoday
  •  Who are what are the idols of your heart? Radia Bawa Hendricks #muslimahtoday
  •  21yr-old RadiaBawaHendricks is incredibly knowledgeable,confident young woman.
  • haafidhah Radia Bawa Hendricks: Purification of the heart: in prep to meet the divine.
  • true sabr (containment) is at the 1st moment of impact-do not utter shirk.
  • Sabr (Patience) & Shukr (Gratitude) are beautiful things.
  • #Sabr is at the moment of first impact #MuslimahToday
  • beautiful Qur’anic recitation by haafidhah Radia Bawa Hendricks.
  • 3 women took Shahada at #Muslimahtoday conference. Alhamdulillah!
  • 3 sisters take the shahada, subahanallah.
  • Last day of #Muslimahtoday conference 🙁
  • Aunty Zuleikha Mayet – Love is not like soda water – it doesn’t fizzle away…
  • Sum muslim women hav never been able 2 come 2 full bloom cos of various pressures, so they have been bonsaied : Mrs. Z Mayat
  •  #MuslimahToday some women have been ‘bonsai’ed’ and never came into full bloom because of family & husband pressure – Mrs Mayet
  • Questioning ‘Halaal status’ of food, is it also a question of economic injustice of how that food was procured? #MuslimahToday
  • Khadija Rasool talks abt destruction of Olive trees by #apartheidisrael #Muslimahtoday
  • Khadija Rasool describes despicable treatment of Palestinians by settlers #Muslimahtoday
  • Khadija Rasool talks abt ethnic cleansing of Palestinians #Muslimahtoday
  • social media a powerful medium to bring awareness to causes #Muslimahtoday
  • Lubna Nadvi stressing the importance of activism for justice #Muslimahtoday
  • Now listening to @LubnaNadvi speaking about types of activism. #MuslimahToday
  • Inspirational talk on social responsibility by @fatimaasmal and ApaAisha #MuslimahToday. Social responsibility begins at home.
  • Quraan needs to be something alive in our lives and hearts~Radia Bawa Hendricks
  • Heart is a boat; dunyaa is water surrounding boat. If boat is filled with water it won’t float. Radia Bawa Hendricks
  • when you get married you’re not supposed to take on the surname of your husband. Cos you must maintain your identity Expand •
  • for women it is loving their husbands & children more. Obsessively! As indoctrinated by society
  • the core ailments in society is due to ppl loving everything more than Allah & Rasoolullah
  • @qismail speaking passionately about differentiating culture and religion – calls on ulema to STOP calling women fitnah!
  • the Abaya is not the muslim dress. It is Arabic culture. LOVE this! Wish more women fwd this in musjids\gatherings
  • Seek the pleasure of action #Muslimahtoday
  • women are the best proponents of peace. we hve the most to lose when men go to war.
  • #ILMSA:interesting pres by Quraisha Suleman on media stereotyping of Muslim women
  • Where is the South Africa Council of Muslim women? #MuslimahToday
  • ‘the Muslim women is in danger of becoming the single story’. – Shubnum Khan Expand •

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