Muslim DNA Pearls of Wisdom

Muslim DNA Pearls of Wisdom



– The closer you are too the prophet saws and ambiyaa AS, the more hardship you will go through.
– Muslims have no free time. Islam does not go on holiday.
– Enjoying life does not prevent us from preparing for the Aakhira.
– Continue learning and not only from one person.
– n every trutg there are multiple truths.
– life teaches lessons by what happens to us
– Set your goals, see your goals, monitor yourself.
– Blessed is the one who is so focused on correcting one’s own deficiencies and faults, that there is no opportunity to focus on others faults and mistakes.
– Wifi cannot be seen touched and heard Etc. yet we believe in it because of the connection we get from it. Even though we can’t see Allah we should believe in Allah. Unlike Wi-Fi you can connect to Allah everywhere, not only where there is a hotspot.
– “This too shall pass” i.e whatever you going through good or bad is always temporary or fleeting and after any hardships there’s always ease.
– If prayer becomes a habit success becomes a lifestyle
– No matter how we fall short in our obedience to Allah, turning back to him leads us back to the straight path
– Do not allow hardship to blind your knowledge
– Do not let other people’s issues control your life. Concentrate on your own issues be it weakness etc, work on it and improve yourself.
– Push yourself to be better e.g “I will not text when driving”
– Zuhd: to have little regard for this world. To be content with what you have. To keep your money in your hands not your heart.
– Do not let the behaviour of others disturb your inner peace
– Words can be spoken humbly for it can soften the heart of anyone Muslim or non Muslim
– Control your anger by practicing the Sunnah of Nabi saws
– Be a good example to the nation
– Teach only the things that you know well
– 5 tbefore 5 : your youth old before your old age. your health before your illness. Your wealth before poverty. Your leisure before your work. And your life before your death.
– Actions speak louder than words
– Don’t speak on behalf of Allah
– Don’t argue with Fools because they will pull you down to their level and beat you with their experience. silence is the answer to a fool
– what the right hand does the left-hand should not know
– Respect what you don’t know
– seek knowledge from the Cradle to the Grave
– being Muslim is being an example of a human
– anger makes things worse. cool down. Lay down. Remain silent. Go find find yourself again. constantly remain in whudhu
– Worship Allah without others knowing
– Rush to fulfill the greater acts of Islam like Hajj.
– Perform random acts of kindness
– don’t let anger get the better of you
– don’t force other people to do things
– talk less and listen more
– Think. Ponder and reflect
– Doing random acts of kindness has a ripple effect
– Mercy is an action. Show it.
– Fasting is one of the ways of attaining Taqwa. It is between you and Allah. Even YOU, YOURSELF, looking at the mirror won’t be able to tell if your fasting full stop
– Teaching is a way of retaining knowledge
– You only understand the ignorance of your teacher when you learn from another teacher
– as Muslims we must broaden our minds and learn from a few people in that specific area of knowledge
– we need to be a people who think before we speak you
– to be people of balance we must understand what balance is
– Social media tips:
Don’t Feel entitled to comment on something you feel negatively about..
Leave alone things that don’t directly concern you.
If you have nothing good to say remain silent.
It is deception to carry tales from 1 group to the next.
Don’t speak on behalf of Allah.

– Before you can be strong in your dawah, be mindful of Allah.
– You can earn loads of rewards for random acts of kindness when others paid forward because of your initial Act.
– Convey your compassion towards the non Muslim
– teaching is a way of retaining knowledge
– go teach what you have learnt
– don’t run after Fame
– renew your intentions
– Help a man when he is in trouble and he will remember you when he is in trouble again
– Have optimism in oneself. Don’t judge people. Don’t Judge what you do not know. Use your life to recognize allah
– Never underestimate the power of Allah.

– Jannah is surrounded by. Hardships example to leave your job and play when the adhan is heard. Jahannum is surrounded by things that are easy to take you to jahannum. example if you’re playing your favourite game and here the adhan you will not leave your game to pray salah.
– Be Compassionate, patient, Merciful and thoughtful about correcting flaws, one’s own mistakes and that of others. Compassion to others and compassion to oneself is important.
– When making dhikr of Allah. Select relevant adhkaar.
– Do not act upon your anger. Say tawwuuz. أعوذ بالله من الشيطان الرجيم
And your anger will dissipate
– Dawah tip : when introducing allah. Start with referring to him as the creator.
– If you want to remember Allah recite the Quran. Regular dua is also rememberance of Allah. Eg. Dua on waking up. Dua on going to sleep. Etc. Also recite whatever of the Qur’aan that you have memorized
– Enjoying life does not prepare us for the Aakhira.
– If prayer becomes a habit. Success becomes a lifestyle.
– Muslims have no free time. Islam does not go on holiday

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