Coping With Loss & Grief, Tears don’t nullify your Sabr

Coping With Loss & Grief, Tears don’t nullify your Sabr

We live in an age where alot of people are depressed. Depression manifests itself more commonly after the loss of a loved one, a child, a family member and people often fall into a cycle where they become consumed by their grief, and some people even get trapped in it.
We make dua that Allah SWT makes it easy for them.

Some individuals may go to grief counsellors or psychiatrists in order to try to attain some measure of peace, and more often than not the counsellor offers an outlet for your feelings.You speak and speak and speak and you sometimes feel better because you had someone listening to you. The counsellor may help you move from a place of broken-ness to whole-ness, but you may still not be able to overcome the grief. In these cases people need the encouragement of an islamic perspective to bind them back to the reality that is life. They need to be reminded of the one ness of allah. Often in times of great loss and grief, people become angry with Allah. They become upset with islam. They feel lost, turmoiled and some even turn their backs on islam as a result to their inability to cope with this tragedy that life is testing them with. Sometimes you just need a nudge or a reminder to turn to Allah.

Having recently discovered sister Yasmin Mogahed’s brilliant works all over the www, I am astounded, really.  Her videos, facebook updates, webinars, quotes, and blogposts never cease to amaze me at the depth and insight that is projected from her. The video feautured in this post is an excellent clip for all those who have experienced a loss on some level.  I urge you to watch it if you’re grieving, or if you haven’t yet made peace with your loss. Sister Yasmin presents ayah’s from the quraan and very easy to understand life scenarios to her audience to that they may have understanding in a ‘life’ context. These verses are Allah’s words, and what better reminder to turn to our faith. Alhumdulillah. Allah is indeed most merciful.

Maybe you feel that you have done everything to feel better and heal and move on, but you’re still stuck and nothing will change. You may have spent lots of money on trying to come to terms with your loss, or lots of time with counsellors and talking to friends and family.  If you are struggling with overcoming the emotional effects of a  loss,  I encourage you to watch this video and share it with any of your friends/family that may too be struggling. Maybe you have a friend that had a miscarriage, or her child passed away, or her spouse passed away, or a family member is now no more. This clip gives some introspection of loss from the islamic perspective, alhumudulillah.

Everything we have belongs to allah SWT, including our health and our beauty.
There are very strong messages in this video clip like :

“Crying does not necessarily negate sabr”.

Profound, in a right of it’s own. Subhanallah


I wish you peace, and that Allah swt easen your hurt and anguish. I hope this video helps you if you are in need.

Barakallahu Feek! May the blessings of Allah be upon you

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