Living Faith Youth Camp

Living Faith Youth Camp

The Living Faith Camp is an interactive Islamic Youth Camp focused on providing young people the opportunity to understand the reality of their faith in the modern age in an environment that enhances their spiritual and intellectual growth.
The camp will be run by university students and young professionals. The programme will consist of workshops, lectures, team-building activities as well as a spiritual component. In order to create an enabling environment of sharing and learning, participants from diverse socio-cultural backgrounds are sought. The training will be based on a mentorship model, facilitating close interactions between the mentors and the participants.

The camp aims to encompass Islamic academia, critical thought, self-development and leadership training so as to promote social consciousness and critical engagement in the South African community. It will equip Muslim youth with the necessary tools and knowledge to navigate the increasingly complex intellectual, social and spiritual challenges that they face in the modern age.

Ages: 14 to 17 years old
Dates: 10-12 April 2015
Cost: R500
Venue: Baynesfield (near Richmond), KwaZulu Natal

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About the Living Faith Project (LFP):
Initiated by a group of passionate and like-minded students of the Madina Institute Class of 2014, the Living Faith Project arose out of a shared desire to make a marked contribution to youth development and tarbiyyah in Cape Town. The group believed that a 3 day youth camp aimed at high school students would make a pronounced impact on the minds and hearts of their younger brothers and sisters. This vision came to fruition and the first Living Faith Camp was held in Cape Town on the 5-7th December 2014. This camp proved to be an incredible success alhamdulillah and the experiences and feedback on the camp emphasized the need for more dynamic and accessible spaces for youth education and engagement, not just in Cape Town but in South Africa. Early in 2015, a dedicated team established the Living Faith Project as a Non Profit Organisation with the hope of facilitating youth camps all around the country. The first of these camps will be held in Baynesfield, KwaZulu Natal in April 2015 Insha Allah.

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