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Muslimah(Life)Style will be intermittently sharing good reads and offering link love to other sites of interest. Please take a moment to visit SAMSA for some interesting reads.

The South African Madinah Students’ Association (SAMSA) is a non-profit voluntary association primarily established to serve the South African students enrolled at the Islamic University of Madinah (UAE) and unified in a vision to be of service to mankind and spread the teachings of Islam.

Be sure to add the site to your GoogleReader or other RSS Feed, to keep up to date with their articles and new developments. It is a relatively newly launched site, so let us upport students from our country who have moved forward in the path of deen seeking to increase their knowledge and give back to the Ummah. Should you be interested in studying at The IslamicĀ  University of Madinah please visit SAMSA’s page on admissions & applications.

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  1. abdulhakabubakar

    salam alaikum am abdulhak abubakar a student who have completed snior high dchool in 2009 who is succesfully want you to take me so that i will go and learn there for sake of alummah of muslim.By the way i hope that a good nows will ready to me to go there and learn

    • Muslimah(Life)Style

      Please contact Shayk Khalid Abduroaf on kabduroaf[at]gmail[dot]com


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