Launch Review: An illuminated heart, An Elevated Soul

Launch Review: An illuminated heart, An Elevated Soul

The Pavilion hotel and conference center in Durban seems a great venue for a cosy ‘Ladies ONLY’ event like this. A warm welcome ensues by Nazeemah Soomar as the itinerary for the afternoon is mapped out and the  audience is introduced to Sarah Joosab. The opening dua is a fundamental for an event like this, which brings to the literary world an anthology deeply rooted in the Islamic consciousness.

Tahiyya Square Publishing is launched with “An illuminated heart, An Elevated Soul” being its debute release. Sarah Joosab  draws on a powerful question: ‘Are we going upwards towards an elevated soul?’ Excerpts are read, captivating the audience and steering the concept of inner reflection. There the reality of trials in relation to the human spirit.

Let Allah’s Light wash away the Anger

Let Allah’s light  wash away the Anger,
Let Allah’s light  wash away the hurt,
Let Allah’s light  wash away the fear,
Let Allah’s light  wash away the sadness,
Let Allah’s light  wash away all the distress,
Let Allah’s light  wash away all the pain

 Until only Allah’s light remains.

The audience expresses their affirmation in hushed tones.

Being an anthology that is deeply seated in the religious perspective, it draws on Islamic History as well as reaffirming our mental ideal by words like ‘Allah will test us with out wealth’ and pointers  to elevating the soul

Tazmin Mohomed, Author of ‘Secrets of a Muslim Heart’ says
Poetry speaks to the heart. Sarah’s book conveys many potent images and it does move you’

The Q&A  session covers the conceptualization of poetry and the ideals of the book coming into being.

A guided meditation session by Rokaya Vawda focuses on ‘Ya Nooru’ – 1 of the 99 names of Allah SWT, and the excerpt from Joosab’s book ‘Let Allah’s light’ (See above)

Teatime offers a delectable table of scrumptious goodies and booksigning with the author.

The program closes with an exercise on ‘Discover yourself through writing’. A session that allows the one to focus deeply on oneself, one’s ideals, as well and allowing the individual to sift through the mental clutter and reconnect with the essence of themselves. A wonderful exercise of self reflection  which opens a doorway of interaction amongst the ladies.

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