Launching Alkauthar Institute Cape Town

Launching Alkauthar Institute Cape Town

It is with immense enthusiasm that we announce the launch of Alkauthar Institute Cape Town. Very few avenues allow the everyday person to seek intensive knowledge over just two days, and to be able to walk away enriched to be  better,  elevating their knowledge of deen based on the Sunnah of Nabi SAWS and the quraan, and authentic incidents from islamic history.

Alkauthar Cape Town  is set to feature their debut course, Best of the best, focussing on the lives of  Hadhrat Umar and Hadrath Abu Bakr. Like all other Alkauthar courses, it will be an intensive 2 day course filled with many practical examples of leadership, honour, and much more…. Lessons which can be implemented into your life.

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See link for more information on the Best of the Best, the Debut course for Alkauthar Cape Town

Date: 16 -17 November 2013Venue:  Islamia Auditorium, Lansdowne


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