Knowledge Hive SA 2011 – Post #2

Knowledge Hive SA 2011 – Post #2

Part 2 of our Knowledge Hive review. (Read Part one?)

Nearly all of the sessions held such pearls of wisdom which makes one want to change right there and then, but after a week you realize that change takes time and pain.

Picture by Nahida Esmail

Some pearls for our readers:

One is bound to live with two pains
The pain of discipline
The pain of failure

Make up your mind and then do whatever it takes!!

Hard work wins over talent when talent does not work hard.

The more you learn about the Prophet (saw), the more you LOVE him(saw).


The Quran’s effect should produce a positive change in the condition of the HEART.

Do good deeds consciously according to a system with a clear intention.

It is not about being remembered but about being remembered with honour.

It is not how much you have but how much you want which determines satisfaction of the heart.

Wisdom does not come with age but with intelligence!

Everytime you ask for success there will be a challenge.

Something that really helped me- A sister asked the question of how to stay chaste and keep from sin while being unmarried. Shaykh Yawar replied that one should become an expert on soil 🙂 and engage in tawbah often.
The degree of difficulty is directly proportional to the change that is needed.

DISAGREE WITHOUT BEING DISAGREEABLE- good disagreement joins hearts and makes friends.


You will never know what the best you can do is.

TAQWA- is to worship Allah upon HIS (swt) guidance and light hoping for reward from Allah.

DON’T Praise a muslim to his/her face as it gives one a false idea of who they are.

The believer knows that the Dunya has hardships while believing in the promise of Allah who has guaranteed relief.

Intention is in the heart AND Everything is judged by intention.

Deen is perfect and complete.

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  1. Hasina Suliman

    Shukran for sharing your experience:)
    Lots of gems to open ones mind!

  2. nahida esmail

    lovely pearls of wisdom… thanks for sharing


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