Knowledge Hive 2011 Review

Knowledge Hive 2011 Review

Venue: Ezulwinini Berg Resort – Natal Drakenberg
Date: 05-10 April 2011
Speakers: Sheikh Yawar Baig, Sheikh Bilal Ismail, Sheikh Tariq Appleby

Knowledge Hive is a residential retreat for the serious students of Islamic knowledge. A gathering of the best and most dedicated students and some of the top Al-Kauthar instructors. A rare opportunity to live, eat, pray and spend educational time with the shuyukh in an environment of Imaan, knowledge and constant remembrance of Allah (SWT). It is your opportunity to isolate yourself from the distractions of the dunya and concentrate on mental and spiritual refinement through intensive study of Deen.

Having  attended the Knowledge Hive 2011 eventat Ezulwini Berg Resort in Drakensberg I realise I could not have done anything better for myself and my Imaan. The amazing sense of sisterhood coupled with the beautiful and peaceful surroundings was picturesque and serene, adding to the excitement and anticipation of yet another Knowledge Hive Event!

One of the highlights of my week and a very spectacular experience was Salaatul Jamaah. The hustle trying to get there timeously, seeing sisters whizz passed me saying, “Salaah has already started girls…”, to the calmness of the Musallah with a meeting and parting of smiles. Sisters united in generosity and worship. The reason I love this so much is because I seldom get to experience Salaatul Jamaah, usually at the annual Knowledge Hive or the Taraweeh experience in Ramadan; I value those days with passion. My experience compels me to encourage my fellow sisters to attend Salaatul Jamaah whenever they can do it appropriately and excel in worship.

My sisters, my sisters…I keep mentioning them as they are such a clear picture of Islam.

As we all try to implement the Quran and Sunnah in our lives we become a poignant example of ambition! I find it hard to understand the masses and their dislike of Hijab and Niqab, when I see my fellow muslim sisters donning the islamic dress code, I’m filled with love and admiration. I ask: Do you love yourself enough to wear it? Because when I see sisters following the Sunnah and fulfilling obligations set upon them with smiles on their faces, love & passion in their hearts, I can’t deny the spiritual love of Ummah that I feel for them! Hijabis and Niqabis who (other than setting the standard of Islam dresscode)  are accountants and life coaches, teachers and community workers, graphic designers, mobile crane operators, sole business owners, scientists; all the while being wives & mothers!!! Muslim women fit many a diverse identity as well as their role as half of the Ummah.

Inspite of covering fewer topics than last year the standard of the event was excellent.

I learnt of the Tafsir of Surah Al Asr,  where Allah the Most High takes an oath by time declaring everyone in a state of loss.
No distinction being made between believers & non believers (Sons of Adam). And Allah by his Mercy & Power offers US ALL respite.
Illa – except those who BELIEVE, do GOOD DEEDS and enjoin TRUTH AND PATIENCE.

See link for Surah103- Surah Asr – Arabic & English translation

Through this Surah we realise that JUST BELIEVING is NOT enough. Knowledge requires action and it requires that it be taught! My sisters, SubhanAllah, when we have something beautiful shouldn’t we share it? So with all my heart I appeal to you to learn, never stop trying to act on what you have learnt. Teach it and then practice patience by remaining steadfast and caring for your sisters enough to always be there offering a word or deed of comfort and ensuring that we remain upon the Siraatul Mustaqeem.

May Allah grant us success in this LIFE AND THE HEREAFTER!

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  1. Hasina Suliman

    Very aptly put “Knowledge requires action and it requires that it be taught! ” – couldn’t agree with you more! Thanks for sharing your experiences.



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