Journey Through the Quraan – Convention Review

Journey Through the Quraan – Convention Review

The Journey through the Quraan Convention in Durban,  was intense, spanning 4 days and exploring mindmaps, thematic studies of the quraan and words. A grasp of words from the Quraan is undoubtedly a level up on ones understanding the message of the quraan, as well as a means for us to bond with the message of Allah swt contained within those pages. It’s first and foremost an amazing book to have on ones coffee table, and secondly its the type of book that is so well structured and diverse in its ability to capture the attention of any reader.

There are amazing lessons to be derived in every surah, and having a guideline is a way to get past ones own basic thoughts of traversing the quraan is beneficial. Imagine if there truly existed a study guide to make your understanding of the quraan easier? This book is definitely one of those!

The Convention began by giving a great overview and insight into the collation of the Mushaf as we know it now, from the time of revelation until the decision to have it transcribed and uniformed. Many individuals have no previous knowledge of the magnitude of work that was done to preserve the quraan. Subhanallah.

The most amazing part of this convention was exploring surahs as mind maps.

Every surah mentions  a hadith that speaks on the virtue of the surah. New words  are listed from every surah so you can build on your linguistic acumen


In totality, 4 days is definitely intensive to traverse the entire quraan. Enlightening, is an understatement for this convention. It makes its way onto one’s DEEN Bucketlist of things to attend in order to enhance your bond with the quraan.

The instructor, masha allah tabarakallah. He was extremely well articulated and kept the lessons dynamic. There is much admiration for the depth and diversity in this book, and the amount of work that has gone into its compilation.



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