Twitter Trends : # LifeIsTooShortTo

Twitter Trends : # LifeIsTooShortTo

What’s so ‘islamic’ about twitter trends? Nothing?

The reality is that we should learn to turn every type of conversation into a Dawah Conversation! Lets find ways to reach out to people accross the globe and inspire them.

Can you Islamify Twitter?

This week saw  a quaint hashtag trending ##LifeIsTooShortTo

As muslims we constant need to be aware of Life being short and that we are striving for a good Aakhira.
Here are our 20 bits of Inspiration. What’s yours? Feel free to comment below 🙂

  1. #LifeIsTooShortTo want to wear the Hijab SOMEDAY! Let today be that someday!
  2. #LifeIsTooShortTo  punish yourself about your past. Allah is most forgiving. Repent!
  3. #LifeIsTooShortTo  be misguided. Remember your Shahada
  4. #LifeIsTooShortTo  have regrets. Show your family and parents that you love them.
  5. #LifeIsTooShortTo Live on Auto-Pilot. Step outside. Smell the Flowers. Give thanks to Allah.
  6. #LifeIsTooShortTo want to wear the #Hijab SOMEDAY! Let today be that someday!
  7. #LifeIsTooShortTo be lazy to pray! Come to Salah, Come to Success!
  8. #LifeIsTooShortTo be selfish with your beneficial knowledge. Share!
  9. #LifeIsTooShortTo frown! Smile! its a sunnah
  10. #LifeIsTooShortTo delay Good deeds. Grow in Hasana.
  11. #LifeIsTooShortTo judge people. Judgement is Allah’s right. Wait for the Aakhira
  12. #LifeIsTooShortTo lose track of our Deen.
  13. #LifeIsTooShortTo be ungrateful. Make a Shukr List. Start with your faculty of sight.
  14. #LifeIsTooShortTo listen to the Waswassa. Strengthen your imaan. Resist!
  15. #LifeIsTooShortTo be mean. A good word is better than silence and silence is better than negative talk!
  16. #LifeIsTooShortTo forget your Job description. YOU ARE and Abd’ of Allah 🙂
  17. #LifeIsTooShortTo be complacent. Grow your knowledge and strive to perfect your imaan.
  18. #LifeIsTooShortTo be boring! Draw up a Halaal Bucketlist! Live in obedience to Allah
  19. #LifeIsTooShortTo discourage people! Let your Character manifest as encouragement.
  20. #LifeIsTooShortTo take your eye of the right Path. Destination: Jannah.

Do you want to add to our list? Leave you contributions in the comments section below.

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