Introducing our ‘Hijab for Beginners’ Series

Introducing our ‘Hijab for Beginners’ Series

You may feel overwhelmed if you consider an overnight transition into full hijab – these are normal feelings one experiences. There are many questions ‘what is appropriate?’ , ‘where do i start?’.  Don’t be too hard on yourself, it will fall into place with the conviction to observe the modest hijab dressing. We are striving to put together a Hijab for beginners series where we will address the various aspects of  hijab dressing and the concerns that sisters have when considering this positive change.

Keep an eye out for these posts:

  • Hijab Disclaimer
  • Virtues of hijab
  • 3o Excuses for NOT Wearing the Hijab
  • How to tie a scarf
  • What’s that thing on your head?
  • Hijab Accessories
  • Scarf tutorials
  • How to deal with hijaab prejudice in the work place
  • My Husband/ Fiance does not want me to wear the scarf
  • What kind of headscarf should i wear?
  • Introduction to Muslimah(Life)Styles Hijab and Niqaab support group
  • Tabarroj in relation to Displaying of a Womans charms
  • The Obligatory conditions for an Islamic Hijab
  • Ideas on how to store hijab pins and accessories
  • Finding your own balance within the Hijab framework
  • Do i have to wear a black abaya?
  • How do i defend my rights without being confrontational
  • Hijab appropriate sportswear
  • My family is upset about me wearing the scarf. What should i do?
  • Evolving awareness of the hijab
  • 13 Hijab pin hacks and tips
  • Are you half Hijaabi?
  • My daughter has come of age. How do i encourage her to wear a scarf?
  • How to buy a first scarf
  • Which scarf pins are the best to use
  • I don’t like alot of pins in my scarf, what should i wear
  • The Burki (small burkah)
  • Underscarves / Scarf caps and bonnets
    And many more topics to come

The goal behind this Hijab for beginners series is ultimately to draw on the hijab awareness in order to encourage a favorable  mindset towards the Hijab lifestyle. Alot of our readers are from different parts of the world, and society plays a major role in how we choose to represent or tone down the islamic image. We wish to be of benefit to sisters who are struggling with identifying and understanding hijab as well as offering support and dealing with issues that they’re faced with in a diplomatic manner. May our efforts be accepted, and may Allah inspire and guide us to be better Muslimahs.

Should you wish to contribute to this series, please mail us on style[dot]muslimah[at]Gmail[dot]com

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