Webinar Gems: Fifth Gear Day 1

Webinar Gems: Fifth Gear Day 1

Aligning focus to the last 10 day of Ramadan. Fifth Gear was an excellent webinar hosted by I am Alima.  A great line up of noteworthy speakers and lots of beautiful gems and insight to share. Some of these have been penned down by me, but the majority were comment submissions by other Sisters who joined in, on listening to this webinar.  I hope that they will benefit you, not as momentary quotables but rather enhance your knowledge and strive  for good deeds. Insha-Allah.

Day 1

Haleh Banani

  • In my first labour, Surah Maryam gave me the strength. If Maryam AS without any husband or any support could be so strong, I could be strong as well. – Haleh Banani
  • When we plan such events, I learn that truly we have no control, we can plan for weeks and weeks, have the best software and glitches will still occur, and this is when you learn, He is Al-Ghaniy, The One Free of Need, and we are in need Him. *Alhamdulillah* 🙂
  • ‘The way Allah provided for Maryam AS, He will provide for us as well’- Haleh Banani
  • For a miracle to take place, a step has to be taken’. – Haleh Banani
  • ‘Maryam AS suffered psychological anguish. But, she put her trust in Allah, that Allah has put me in this, He will take me out of it.’ – Haleh Banani
  • ‘Great things happen with a pure and great intention. Maryam’s mother made a great intention and sincere du’a, and Allah SWT gave her Maryam AS.’ – Haleh Banani
  • ‘When you are pregnant, make du’a for a righteous child. Don’t just make du’a for delivery.’ – Haleh Banani
  • ‘Maryam dedicated herself devoutly, which is why she was chosen by Allah SWT’ – Haleh Banani
  • ‘Maryam was in desert, all alone. So, even if everyone abandons you in life, you are not alone. Put your trust in Allah. Have trust in Allah’s Plan, He has a plan for you.’ – Haleh Banani
  • ‘Maryam’s mother wanted something, Allah gave her something better.’ -Haleh Banani
  • You are Never Alone, because whatever the circumstances are Allah is always there with u, He is never going to abandon u!!
  • Trust Allah, Al times things may not go right according to ur situation!!
  •  Allah has raised the status of women, and as a woman u can raise the child with all the right training who will change the world one day!!..It can be very tiring..but look at the bigger picture..how u can impact the world??!!
  • Look at maryam*As(..her situation was very unique..Allah gave her torture and trial yet it was the best thing that have ever happened to her.This was the master plan Allah had for her!!She is an example of perseverance, patience, piety

Imagine urself informing ur family, that u are pregant specially when u know “No man” has touched u…How is the world and ur family react to u??..This same situation our Qur’anic heroine Maryam(as) went through!!..subhanAllah…During such a situation she was patient

 Zakia Usmani


  • ‘Ramadan is a gift from Allah. Are you going to make the most of this gift of Allah?’ -Zakia Usmani
  • ‘It is not the amount of money that counts. It is the blessing and value of the money that counts. ‘- Zakia Usmani
  • ‘Everytime a person does a charity, without expecting any reward, his mental, physical and spiritual condition is expanded. Charity does not necessarily mean money, it can be good deeds.’ – Zakia Usmani
  • ‘You endure the harm in the path of righteousness, said Khadijah RA’ – Zakia Usmani
  • Umm Jameel, wife of Abu Lahab, sister of Abu Sufyaan, was from the noble women of Quraish. She secretly engaged in all kinds of hostility against the Prophet SM.’ – Zakia Usmani
  • ‘Allah does not care about your status in this society if you are messing up with the Messenger of Allah SM’ – Zakia Usmani
  • Abu Lahab was proud of two things – good looks, wealth and honour and Allaah swt took away away both of them.
  • Umm Jameel had a very expensive necklace. Every time she used to see the Prophet sm she used to hold the necklace and used it as a fundraiser against Islam, against the prophet sm. That necklace was replaced with a rope of fire.’ – Zakia Usmani
  • The charity was used by the righteous people to cure themselves from diseases of body.
  • Our charity will prepare the shade for us. How have we prepared our shade for us on the Day of judgement?
  • ‘Everytime a person does a charity, without expecting any reward, his mental, physical and spiritual condition is expanded. Charity does not necessarily mean money, it can be good deeds.’ – Zakia Usmani
  • Being related to a righteous person will be of no help if you are committing shirk
  • ‘Whatever you spend, it will be replaced with something either from Jannah or Jahannam depending whether you have spent it in Allah’s way or against His way’ – Zakia Usmani
  • If the money and wealth you earn is not utilised in the way of Allaah, there will be no benefit
  • ‘When Abu Lahab died, even his own sons did not want to touch him’ – Zakia Usmani #FifthGear
  • Nothing purfies wealth like charity!!
  • There are thousands of people who are waiting for loaf of bread, there are those who are waiting for a pice of cloth!!…Allah has granted to reward more in this ramadan..so Grab this oppurtunity!!

 So get motivated and approach last ten days like our qur’anic heroine!!!:)


Ramadhaan is a GIFT from Allaah, and the QUESTION is ‘ARE YOU READY TO TAKE THE FULL ADVANTAGE OF IT?!’

Grab the overwhelming opportunity of Ramadhaan and benefit as much as you can in the Hereafter.


Alima Ashfaq

  • When Aadam a.s and his wife fell ,they rose themselves UP again. Shaytaan tricked them with their desires.
  • We don’t know how Aisha r.a looked like? But women aspire to be like her. She is our role model!
  • Quranic Heroines are known for their Piety, for the goodness they did to their society not on how they looked!
  • ‘Asiya had Fir’aun on her back. He tried to make her give up Islam. We don’t have Fir’aun in our lives, so what stops us to excel?’ – Alima Ashfaq
  • ‘When Asiya’s torture became unbearable she made a du’a to Allah which shows her determination not to give up and shows how they aimed for High Standards. She made the du’a – O my Lord, build a house beside You in Jannah.
  • This Ramadan – Make High Standard Du’as this Month. Make High Standard Du’as.
  • ‘When we talk about Quranic Heroines, we are talking about their goodness, not how they looked. Our history is full of these amazing women. However, look how the society has changed where we judge others based on their looks.’
  • When Asiyah(as) was being tortured….and they were trying to make her give up Islam…she made the decision there and then that “O Allah(swt) I cant take it anymore…”..she asks for a house in jannah and raises her standard…she made it turning point!!
  • Asiyah(ra) made dua’…and in the qur’an this dua’s are ther so that we make these dua’s and raise our standards in the sight of Allah!
  • Implement an action point and a dua’
  • Master of forgiveness:
  • In the Qur’an Allah directly speaks to us…The Qur’an has to be our companion..we have to internalize it…understand the heroes ..heroines..villans of the qur’an…We got real characters unlike movies(unrealistic)..!!!
  • Turn back to Allah(swt) and sincerely make dua’ to Him that this ramadan has to be your turning point!
  • Summarizing the points:
  • From Asiyah (as): No turning back!! so in ramadan excel urself
  • From Ayesha(ra)Focus on ur worship
  • HAWWA: Turn back to ALLAH this Ramadan
  • Al Musawwir(The Shaper)..He is the fashioner of our dream..vision..ask Allah(swt) to fashion your dream in reality


Abir Kazi

  • Shaytan has clearly mentioned his agenda for us! He knows he cannot make us do the major bad deeds, so he makes us fall into the minor deeds… Sr. Abir Kazi
  • “Shaytaan occupies our minds and encourages to waste time…”
  • ‘The word Iblees means – deprived of hope, in all despair’ – Abir Kazi
  • May allah (swt) make us from amongst those who are preserves
  • Shaytaan can only make suggestions, not make us do anything,
  • Allah neither looks at body not appearance… Spend times purifying and beautifying our insides
  • Shaytan has clearly mentioned his agenda for us! He knows he cannot make us do the major bad deeds, so he makes us fall into the minor deeds… Sr. Abir Kazi
  • If we want to become righteous – then we need to fight Shaytaan, we’re in a battle! Sr. Abir Kazi
  • “Shaytaan occupies our minds and encourages to waste time…”
  • ‘Shaytan cannot stop a muslim in a good, he tries to make him busy with lesser good.’ Abir kazi


 ACTION POINT –> Solution is from Allaah. Solution is turning to Him. You want to step UP — make this du’a this Ramadhaan — Al ‘Araf, Ayah 23


‘We should spend more time on purifying and beautifying our hearts’ – Faiza Hassam, MC



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