How do you have a GREAT Ramadan? YOU PLAN IT!!

How do you have a GREAT Ramadan? YOU PLAN IT!!

How do you have a GREAT Ramadan? YOU PLAN IT!!

Ramadan – The month of fasting, the month of the quraan, the month of blessings, the month of giving, the month of Mercy – And many other descriptions that draw focus on the attributes of this month.  There are endless tips and hacks and pointers to have the best Ramadan, from the avenues of sleep and time management, right down to the supplications one should make.

But how does one maximise one’s Ramadan avoiding aimless duties and cluelessness?
Where does one begin without it being overwhelming? This article is for you!


A little foresight can go a long way in taking some time to plan your Ramadan. Your Ramadan can level up from being good Ramadan to a Great Ramadan with a little responsible planning.

Tip: BE REALISTIC in your planning.

How to plan your Ramadan?
Identify realistic goals according to your abilities and set your intentions on them. Everyone is at a different level in their spirituality, and this results in different goals and outcomes. Some people are able to recite alot of quraan (sometimes multiple completions of the noble Qur’aan) or they may perform extra nawafil prayers, whilst others may have the wealth and means to offer meals to the poor for iftaar. There are unlimited ways to grow your deeds in this month, according to your individual ability. You know yourself better than anyone. Hone in on your strengths.

Here are 5 excellent ways to level up your Ramadan.

  1.  Plan your goals and set an intention. eg. I want to administer my zakah. I want to visit the sick, I want to memorize a specific surah, I intend to pray congregational taraweeh everynight, I intend to increase my quraan recitation. I want to revise portions of the quraan that i have already memorized.  Simply be realistic about your goals/extra worship,  so that you don’t amble through the month aimlessly.
  2. The dua of a fasting person is readily accepted. Use it to  your advantage by drawing  up a dua list and consistently make those duas for all 30 days. Or draw up a list for the last 10 nights of Ramadan whilst you seek Laylatul Qadr.  Perhaps you would like to make duas that are mentioned in the quraan, so find those resources ahead of time for ease of access.
  3. Locate avenues for  your charity distribution – Be it daily, or during the course of Ramadan, or specifically every night for the last 10 nights of Ramadan. Perhaps you administer your zakah during Ramandan, therefore you may want to create a list of individuals/organizations to contact ahead of time.
  4. Give in terms of kind. eg. Food – Provide dates, water or contribute to a meal at the local mosque for the breaking of fast. Contribute towards the iftaar of a poor person, give dates to your neighbours.
  5. Try to adjust your schedule and priorities so that you’re able attend taraweeh, or perform all your salah in congregation. Ensure that your family/children have their necessities well ahead of time. Eid shopping rush can be avoided by not leaving it for the 11th hour. Tweak your sleep schedule if possible to get enough rest and not burn out.

The above are easy ways to check yourself, and attain tangible results from your Ramadan. Insha allah.

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